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Achilles tendinitis - best remedy and best tennis shoes - Anyone? Help!

This year when I bought 2 new pairs of shoes I started noticing some pain in my achilles tendons. I kept coaching and playing tennis 2/3 times a week, high level tennis and just loving it.

Now its pretty bad. I just ordered Aircast Airheel Ankle Braces and once I get them plan to buy better shoes.

Has anyone experienced this problem and have you gotten better and what did you do that through your personal experience helped remedy it?

I just can's stop coaching or playing.....I love it too much...there has to be a fix. This is my first Achilles problem ever in my life.

Would appreciate any advice even though I have been icing and doing some research on stretching etc.


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thats so great!  for those of you who want to see her twitter picture you can find it here. Really happy that you are almost out of the pain forrest!

Thanks for posting Phillip, appreciate it and hope it helps others.   Yes, enjoying playing tennis again, back on track :) 

Do you have a normal arch, low or high?

Also, do you have a pair of well-worn flat sole shoes that you only walk or run in? These may give some clues. Your tennis shoes may also, but may be skewed by your court footwork.

Do you perform any lower body strength training? Oh, how young are you?

I may have some suggestions on correction, but let's take a look at prevention.

Okay, I'll shut up.

I'm sending you a friend request and I'll post an article I wrote related to this.


Play the Game!

For the past 3 years my achilles is sore after being on the court for about 1.5 hours. If I can sit down between games it goes away for a while also it goes away around 15 minutes after I stop playing. I am starting to try some stretching exercise and also light massage around the tendon. I will see if it helps over the next few weeks

Stretching and light massage definitely cannot hurt!

You can also try Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Many people claimed significant results and it also cannot hurt. Sources of glucosamine include:

-Soup from boiled whole chicken (My personal favorite, most bioavailable source)

-Supplements (all-in-one AceFormula, or simply pharmacy's glucosamine + chondroitin capsules)

Disclaimer: I am a AceFormula rep.


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