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Reibin Amin's Articles – October 2009 Archive (14)

Peter Lundgren interview - About Roger and Dimitrov

Peter Lundgren had tears in his eyes; Grigor Dimitrov had stars. Together they watched Roger Federer win his historic French Open title on television in the players' lounge at Queen's – Lundgren, Federer's coach in his formative years, Dimitrov the Bulgarian teenager being talked of as the next great talent to hit ­tennis. He was the Wimbledon and US Open junior ­champion last year and next week he will play in the Wimbledon main draw for the first… Continue

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Baghdatis wins If Stockholm Open!

Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis won his first ATP World Tour title since February 2007, after defeating Olivier Rochus of Belgium 6-1, 7-5 at the If Stockholm Open on Sunday.

After struggling for a few years on the tour without any great results, the Baghdatis was delighted to win 250 ATP Worldtour points and cash in €93 000.

"I played really well in the first set," said Baghdatis. "It was important to get a good start, but then in the second set Olivier stepped it up. I was a bit… Continue

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If Stockholm Open 2009

Finally I was here, the If Stockholm Open 2009. The matches I was going to see were not the ones I originally hoped to see but I was there on tuesday and the real action was on wednesday. The differences? Well the wednesday had players like: Soderling, Ferrero, Haas and Baghadits to offer, while the tuesday had future hopes Kontinen and Dimitrov, both junior Grand Slam champions. Also playing on the tuesday were: Kendrick, Belluci, Nielsen, Berrer,… Continue

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Five years from now...

Five years from now, how do you think the ATP tour will look? Will Roger still be playing at the age of 34? Rafael Nadal will be 28 and most probably still be able to play some good tennis if he has not quit due to injuries. Could Djokovic be the World No. 1 in the future and be a consistant Grand Slam Winner? Maybe Andy Murray aswell? Del Potro is still young and has the many good years infront of him. I have given this alot of thought and I am wondering who that person is, the one that… Continue

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Roger Federer is Not A Douchebag

This blogpost was found here:

This is an ongoing post that will chronicle how Roger is NOT a douchebag, contrary to popular (and by popular, I mean internetz) belief. I’ve seen a lot of lists naming all the times that ~RF has been arrogant, prissy, douchey, etc. And yeah, he can exhibit those qualities, but at the end of the day he’s still a nice guy (a great guy, in fact!). Federer is just like every other player –… Continue

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I am so frustrated!

This keeps happening again and again, day after day. Do you want to know what is making me mad? The city which I live in, is called Uppsala. It is the fourth biggest city of Sweden and has around 180 000 inhabitators. Why would I be telling you this? Patience, I will get there. =P

So the city has one big club, it is called the UTK, Uppsala tennis club.

The club has 9 indoor courts. Then there is this other club that has three places where you can play and they are all split in… Continue

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Rafael Nadal vs Tall Players

It first happened in the US Open 2009. Rafael Nadal got beat pretty bad by Juan Martin Del Potro who later went on to clinch the Us Open title. Even though Rafa was injured in that match there was something I just could not get out of my head, Nadals gameplan. What was his gameplan? To feed Del Potro with short topspins to allow him to come in and attack with his huge forehand? I would like to think that Rafa is a smart player, I mean it has to take… Continue

Added by Reibin Amin on October 14, 2009 at 6:39am — 4 Comments

Tennis pros on steroids?

Sitting at a café in Cyprus as we speak, man I should have had time to post a blog yesterday but I did not have any. Oh well, enough time to write a blogpost I believe. Professional athletes use of steroids, is something I would like to discuss. The first person that comes into peoples mind is usually Rafael Nadal and it has been quite a topic for discussion during these last years. While some claim that he and many other top players on the ATP Wourldtour are using steroids, others say that it… Continue

Added by Reibin Amin on October 11, 2009 at 11:36am — 2 Comments

Who will win the Australian Open 2010?

Who will win the Australian Open 2010?

I think it is very difficult to answer that question, would you have asked me what I thought of the Roland Gaross winner or even the Wimbledon winner I believe that I would have a much easier job in picking my favourites.

I love the atmosphere and intensity of the tournament, the oceanblue courts are fantastic and there is always a positive feeling comming from the crowd. There has been… Continue

Added by Reibin Amin on October 8, 2009 at 1:18am — 3 Comments

Ryan's helpful tips for success on the court!

Ryan Dominic from the interview yesterday was kind enough to give me some pointers and tips. I thought they were really interesting and decided to post them so that you could all read it! Here it is:

These tips are in no particular order. They are helpful suggestions for you to help you with not only your tennis game, but in any sports and even in life.


• Remember, it is a privilege to be participating at… Continue

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The story behind a pro, Ryan Dominic Colaco

Ryan Colaco was born profoundly deaf. Since he was a young boy, he had a dream of achieving excellence in Sports. His father Michael was an all around athlete that began encouraging him every step of the way and becoming closely involved in his progression. “My Dad is an amazing person.” Ryan commented. It was a positive influence that eventually led Ryan to become involved in various sport activities such as ice hockey, tennis, and soccer where… Continue

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Federer vs Roddick Wimbledon 2009 final HD highlights

Check out this great highlight of the 2009 Wimbledon Final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. What do you guys think about the final? Was it a deserved win for Roger Federer? Could Roddick have done something different? It was a very close match but I personally do not believe it was even close to being as exciting and fun as the '08 final between Federer and Nadal. But there was some great ralleys and the highlight is definetily worth checking out!…


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Top8 ATP players to watch out for 2010

2010 is indeed going to be an interesting year, so I thought I would make a top8 list of players to watch for in the year to come.

1. Juan Martin Del Potro

I believe that this guy has a chance to take the #3 spot in the ATP worldtour rankings. That is if Rafa and Djokovic won't be able to step up their games. Del Potro already has a 3-0 result in match statistics against Djoko and after the US Open 2009 it seems as if Juan Martins confidence has been strengthened more… Continue

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Interview with Nick Bollettieri

I called Nick Bollettieris Multimedia coordinator David today at 11.40 and was connected to Nick himself in a 20 minutes long phone interview. I had some problems recording what comes through the speakers so my voice volume is very loud, nicks volume is alot lower. You can hear what he is saying but I thought I would write down his answers so that you could follow what he is saying with more ease. I am sorry for this and will correct this by being… Continue

Added by Reibin Amin on October 6, 2009 at 5:30am — 2 Comments

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