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Hey guys!

I am really sorry about the blog being down. See the guy who is in charge of the host where I uploaded the blog was away for a couple of weeks and during that time, the domain shut the whole thing down because he had not paid in time. Very annoying but what to do?
It is finally back up and I do not intend to let this happen again. So what has happened in my life and in tennis? Beginning with me, I have suffered from an injury that has lasted for almost two months now. It is the worst injury I have ever had due to tennis and one that has really been quite depressing to be honest. It all started during a match against a friend of mine, somewhere in the second set I began feeling pains from my little finger. I did not think much of it and kept on playing despite the fact that the pain was spreading throughout my entire hand and by the end of the match I was in alot of pain. So I thought, alright. I shall rest! The rest lasted for 8 days. That would later prove to be an incredible stupid mistake. Because the fact that I find it very difficult to go a week in my life without tennis, I just could not stay away from the courts, so after one week I went to play and after 25 minutes the pain was back, only this time it felt even worse. I waited another week and played again. It was just terrible, it was so painful I dropped the racket 5-6 times just because I could not handle the painful blow every impact had on my hand.

This time I understood that I was not going to get better if I wouldn't rest. So I did, for 1 month I have rested, visited a doctor had them check it up, I am going to get a X-ray just to see what is up with it. But the question is, how did it happen? What did I do wrong?
When recalling back to the match, I remember thinking to myself; "I need to hold the racquet harder when I am serving" - You see, I was subconsciensly struggling with gripping the racquet. I have pretty small hands and I play with a 3/8. So I asked you guys on facebook and many said that perhaps I was just playing with a grip that was too big for my hands. My friend John Debham from gave me a link I thought was very interested reading, about just this, finger injuries. Check it out:

I played for the first time this week wednesday, and I didnt feel any pain, I also played yesterday for 3 hours and that was alright aswell. I changed my K six one Tour from 3/8 to 1/4 and right now it feels good. Today I am feeling a little sore, but it does not hurt. Though I am afraid that the whole thing will crack up again if I force it too hard and guess what? I am playing again today. Hopefully my little finger will be able to take it.... =O

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