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Five years from now, how do you think the ATP tour will look? Will Roger still be playing at the age of 34? Rafael Nadal will be 28 and most probably still be able to play some good tennis if he has not quit due to injuries. Could Djokovic be the World No. 1 in the future and be a consistant Grand Slam Winner? Maybe Andy Murray aswell? Del Potro is still young and has the many good years infront of him. I have given this alot of thought and I am wondering who that person is, the one that becomes the amabassodor of the sport and a rolemodel for people all over the world when Roger finally retires from the tour?

Tough question to answer. I can not see anyone being that person right now, perhaps Rafa.
Top8 players in 2014?

1. Djokovic
2. Murray
3. Nadal
4. Del Potro
5. Tsonga
6. Monfils
7. Cilic
8. G. Simon

That is all I can come up with right now, perhaps I will be totally wrong. Perhaps there are tons of players right now who are still very young and have not gotten their chance to prove that they are future top10 players? Just like it was sad to see Sampras and Agassi retire from the ATP tour, when Borg and Mcenroe left the tour, it is going to be the same feeling when Federer and Nadal also decides that their time has passed. But as old champions leave the game, new champions are born. Question is who they are and if are be able to leave the same kind of impact on us that the former champions could.

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Comment by Reibin Amin on October 21, 2009 at 12:48am
I saw some players when I was @ Stockholm Open yesterday, that I believe have a chance of becoming great players in the near future. Footage, videoclips and a blogpost from my day at the STO Open will be posted later today. :) I also saw Belluci play and he was pretty good. =)
Comment by Mark / The Mayor on October 20, 2009 at 10:07am
I'm seeing big things for Del Potro, I think he will definitely be higher than Nadal and maybe at the top. Keep an eye on Tomas Belluci too, he's gonna move on up. And there will of course be a couple others that seem to come from nowhere and be in the top 10. the kids that are 17,18 and 19 now playing their way up.

Graet post!

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