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Recently, My dad got into a car accident, hit and run. And our family has been strong throughout the whole event. This blog is dedicated to my father, Nam Van Truong.


Today at 6:45pm, my father passed away from 10 months of painful hospitalization. Today, was the hardest, longest day of my life. Even though he had morphine to feel comfortable and felt no anxiety or pain, watching my father and life's tutor looking out the window, slipping away was still so tough. I'm home looking at pictures of the past and videos of me and him at tennis and road trips. I remember him working for us, disregarding his actual status and health. He worked 2 jobs and still trained me at the tennis courts. I may never be such a respectful and strong father like he was, but i can try for his sake.

Dad, I've promised you all the things i would do for you. I have no regrets or bad thoughts throughout your existence. Your cheerful attitude is what i will miss the most from you, dad.

I wish i could've just talked to him before he went to work on that November, the 8th. Just a few minutes, and this wouldn't happen. But, when life throws something at you, it's a sign to get stronger and throw it back. These few past days have made my resolve for my family and my future.

Dad, your 58 years of hard work and your dedication to your children have made such a difference in our lives. I want to thank you for teaching me tennis, how to deal with tough situations, and your trust for my duty to take care of mom in the future.

Dad, i have been strong, but i miss your active, happy face for 10 months. But, i will remember the past and how happy you were then. But for now, you never had an actual vacation for a while have you, Dad? Dad, please rest peacefully in that shining, new world your in right now.

Dad, I love you so much and i really miss you. Whenever i play tennis, I'll be playing with your cheerful attitude you always showed me.

Tommy T. Truong

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Comment by Mark / The Mayor on January 5, 2008 at 2:48pm
Tommy, thank you for sharing this with us. I'm sorry that you had to suffer through this loss. I think you are handling it with grace and I know you will continue to. It appears your father raised an amazing young man.


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