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I'm very nervous about the usta playoffs as tons of people will be there and I have lot of performance anxiety especially when people are watching. My team and coach expects me to do well but i realize that more pressure is put on me i tend to hyperventilate and my thinking process turns to lot of worrying.. I've tried breathing, visualizing and practice with ball machine etc...but anxiety seems to be uncontrollable... I know losing in tennis isn't end of the world but our team ended with a… Continue

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changing game plans

So I play a particular gamestyle in tennis and can categorize myself as a agressive counterpuncher. I've been told that I'm a retriever and counterpuncher also so for now i guess that's who i am as a tennis player. However, this doesn't mean i have to play this style all the time cause sometimes it doesn't work so I'll have to change up my game plan. I played a match within my usta team and although it's suppose to be "friendly" I feel that my opponent (who is my teammate) still wanted to play… Continue

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Weekend Tennis Match

So todays match from a random player on a local league I was playing my

own style of counterpunching with full racquet head speed on most of

the shots deep from corner to corner and being defensive and also

offensive. Game plan was working well when I was actually

counterpunching and focusing getting ball in play while moving the

player... Occasionally I would go for winners when there is opening..

but sticking to game plan that was working and was up 4-2. Then I… Continue

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mental focus lapses

Tennis really is a discipline in terms of mental focus. I was playing a

match tonight and there were lot of chatter in the court next to us and

at first it was hard to focus but I did a quick imagery where I put all

four people in the garbage can in my head. (like putting your pc files

in your recycle bin) Then I had to focus on my game and that part I had

no clue in some situations as i just had mental relapses... I don't

know if it was my tension in racquet that… Continue

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2nd USTA match for season

So i was anxious and excited about second usta match and like previous matches that seem to "count" (in this case for myself and my team.. along with a onlookers watching) I seem to over analyze (or worry) about my game plan and such since I've never met the person or his style of play. Well, it turns out that the other team defaulted on #2 singles spot which was me and at that point, I was relieved of my anxious symptoms .. .but also bummed out that i couldn't play.. But one thing that struck… Continue

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4 hr indoor session doubles and singles

I think I'm playing way too much tennis and I think it's becoming bit unhealthy at times and also like any other type of addiction I can't seem to stop... I think it stems from the fact that more you play the better you will get... and that's partially true for me but since I'm not professional and weren't bred to be one... I think it's doing more harm then good when playing too much.. I know pros that's there job and playing 4-8 hours a day is normal and I used to think how cool and fun it… Continue

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Practice session

So usually when I go and hit with people is that they usually just rally and hit without any purpose. I don't mind this at all as i'm grateful to be on the court but sometimes there should be some goals or purpose in hitting session to develop areas in your game where your lacking. That's why once in a while I don't mind the rallies of hitting back forth (usually in the center) but I feel that if i continue to implement this every time it becomes a habit during match time. So sometimes it's… Continue

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usta challenge team match just finished....

I always get prematch jitters.. and when my coach sends out an email on challenge matches.. i get nervous and throws my day off and the carefree life that i have is now interrupted. I don't mind losing if I gave it all I had and even playing up to par... but when my mind blanks, i get stiff, anxiety takes over, and I lose.. it takes me days too cope and I'm thinking i'm putting so much emphasis on tennis that i probably need to spend more time in my other hobbies (guitar for example) and… Continue

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Ego trippin

I'm hoping to remind myself that it is just a game ... my ego must be really big which is probally why it's hard for me to believe that... It would be nice to have a women's ego since they dont' seem too hyped about scores and performances as men.. Seriously though I need to learn how to relax more.

Added by JWL on March 15, 2010 at 2:32pm — No Comments

USTA team challenge matches

So i have a challenge match tomorrow that i'm pretty nervous about despite it being a team member and not some unknown player. I think it stems from the fact it's a team member so you feel kind of like you have to play more safe and be respectful... but being a male, we have huge egos that get in the way and usually ends up being just a regular match. Anyhow, i'm bit nervous about that but also nervous about performance because i sometimes just go blank and sit like deer in a headlight.... and… Continue

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Ongoing List of specific habits that has worked well for me personally (which will be added or subtracted throughtout my tennis journey)

Ongoing List of specific habits that has worked well for me personally (which will be added or subtracted throughtout my tennis journey) And although there are sooooo many different style of tennis players out there... usually if these key points for me are blended in.. i usually end up playing well and having fun!! My style of play is counterpunching so it's crucial for me to keep the ball in play and move around the court.

- Losing is painful but my attitude and how I deal with… Continue

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So I found out about this site after asking around the tenniswarehouse forum about blogging my tennis sessions and someone directed me to this site. Hopefully I can constantly write down whatever is bothering me on the court and get some perspective or insights on random (at least im not picking up hitchikers). About month ago, I had first usta match and for some reason I couldn't sleep for days as I always get nervous before matches that "count" and have very hard time focusing… Continue

Added by JWL on March 14, 2010 at 11:21pm — 2 Comments

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