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So todays match from a random player on a local league I was playing my
own style of counterpunching with full racquet head speed on most of
the shots deep from corner to corner and being defensive and also
offensive. Game plan was working well when I was actually
counterpunching and focusing getting ball in play while moving the
player... Occasionally I would go for winners when there is opening..
but sticking to game plan that was working and was up 4-2. Then I just
had some mental lapse as I wasn't really interested in the match or was
thinking too much. And started making careless mistakes and the guy
came back and won 6-4. I know your're suppose to change game plans if
your losing 1-2 games but since it was an exhibition match I was
thinking to myself I can get back with same style.. but momentum going
his way... he took the set. Second set.. I was thinking of more
offensive approach and I was hitting really great but he was playing
really great defense and ended up 4-0. I know i should have changed
game plans again but again this was exhibition and wanted to keep
trying out offensive approach.... Frustration kept building and even
though it's just exhibition, I realized that match is a match and I
need to change the game plan for third time... and realized PUSHING the
ball was working wonders...
I know there's the ping pong type of pushers that are tapping it in
with lot of consistency and placement.. but i was actually swinging the
ball with no pace and some direction but main focus was get every ball
back... I ended up winning the set 6-4 because of pushing.. Now this
got me thinking.... I really don't like pushers because they outsmart,
outplay and outlast in a very ugly way but realized that I was doing
the same. I think when desperate times cause for desperate measures
then it seems that I'll have to add this "arsenal "
to my game ... I'm always usually about style in tennis (yes i know i
don't get style points. But it really helps me get in character of a
tennis player) I still feel embarassed or awkward when i have to bust
this gamestyle but I don't want to be dumb also when my shots aren't
feeling it or off and just give freebies to my opponent. So here is the

Anyone else incorporate pushing when other game plans are failing?
Sometimes it's too late to change to this game plan of pushing it it's
your last resort... but in my case it worked and I feel kind of crap
about it but I was using my head and not my EGO....

Now the question is... Would I do this in a usta match where your
teammate or audience is watching and makes you feel like your a cheap

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