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Tennis really is a discipline in terms of mental focus. I was playing a
match tonight and there were lot of chatter in the court next to us and
at first it was hard to focus but I did a quick imagery where I put all
four people in the garbage can in my head. (like putting your pc files
in your recycle bin) Then I had to focus on my game and that part I had
no clue in some situations as i just had mental relapses... I don't
know if it was my tension in racquet that was beginning to drop, my
interest level dying or my opponent giving me lot of non rhythmical
shots to frustrate my head... Either way, I just wasn't in tune with
"playing the ball" and just went through the motions of serve,
backhand, forehand, with really no direction or purpose. When that
happens, and my mind is hard to get back into the "zone" or even near
the zone (since i've heard that going in the zone in tennis doesn't
happen much at the 3.5 to 4.5 level.. which is why pros are pros.. they
can get there quickly).. I have to grind out every point, and almost
feel embarassed to play and see if anyone I know who thought I was good
now sees a completely different player.. I'm starting to get over that
as I realize the task at hand is much more important then trying to
impress your peers or strangers... My brain is wired differently where
everything works well when i keep things simple while some people who
are so technically and detail oriented it never seems to fascinate me.
Anyways, I usually keep it simple on the most key things which are
focus on the ball throughout and focusing on my breathing... and
usually the rest will follow (stroke, footwork, direction)... but
tonight I just could not focus much as I really wasn't interested in a
tennis ball... I don't know if it's a sign that i'm losing interest in
tennis, i need a break as i'm playing too much or losing my drive and
purpose in playing... So when my focus goes down then I usually falter
pretty badly and need to find other ways to regain my focus other then
just engaging in the ball (which can be quite boring.. and almost seems
like a lifetime discpline...) I think i may be just too serious and
need to let loose but that's hard thing for me to do... I think i'll go
play guitar and see how to incorpate music into tennis as some have
said playing a happy song in your head in between points can help
relive some tension.. and this might help me focus better on the ball...

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