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So I play a particular gamestyle in tennis and can categorize myself as a agressive counterpuncher. I've been told that I'm a retriever and counterpuncher also so for now i guess that's who i am as a tennis player. However, this doesn't mean i have to play this style all the time cause sometimes it doesn't work so I'll have to change up my game plan. I played a match within my usta team and although it's suppose to be "friendly" I feel that my opponent (who is my teammate) still wanted to play hard and do there best. But I realize that my usual play against him wasn't working meaning that he usually goes for shots with full strokes but retreated to a "pushing style" and so I pretty much made unforced errors and it WAS getting to my head... but I've played pushing styles before but was confused on what to do so I basically had to change my game plan after a 0-2 deficit that something had to change... So basically visualized and internally told myself to just get ball back everytime (which is my game plan usually but since balls that are pushed is actually harder to hit (for me at least) ) by pushing it back until opportunity and confidence was knocking and go for the shots. So when i changed the plan i noticed the opponent sensed he was kind of pushing and started going for shots more and that made me bit comfortable at baseline...
Usually when i groove the shots or feel less nervous about balls that are pushed or softened, I can really naturally go for the shots without hesitation but when those doubts, nerves or confusion kicks in .. i tighten up really quick and those sitters are quite hard (...or maybe i get too excited that the ball is just right there).. As match was progressing, I kind of felt more confident that i can change game plan and not be embarrassed to resort to pushing until i get my rhythm and focus back.... It's kind of a bummer that pushing can get you pretty far in tennis (at 3.5-4.5 level more crafty pushers required for 4.5 level) but I'm learning to let go of style more and play more with my head... Tennis is challenging but for some reason i always come back to play more..addiction or love of the game?

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