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Ongoing List of specific habits that has worked well for me personally (which will be added or subtracted throughtout my tennis journey)

Ongoing List of specific habits that has worked well for me personally (which will be added or subtracted throughtout my tennis journey) And although there are sooooo many different style of tennis players out there... usually if these key points for me are blended in.. i usually end up playing well and having fun!! My style of play is counterpunching so it's crucial for me to keep the ball in play and move around the court.

- Losing is painful but my attitude and how I deal with afterwards is what counts (however, i'm learning to cope with losses and hopefully people can provide there coping on losing)
- Minimize talking during match and talk about anything afterwards.. ( lost so much focus by talking to people during matches... encouraging other player actually at times was even worse!).. Sometimes people think im too serious or some jerk/punk but need to explain that's just how my brain works in order to focus and hopefully they get it and see im not a meanie :)
- Playing too serious can add unecessary pressure on myself and just tank... or letting up can also have me tank as gaining the focus that was lost takes some time for me... (i usually seem to not play hardest amongst teammates, senior citizens, female, friends.. etc).. NO MERCY TENNIS! probally lose lot of friends and partners this way.. PENDING!
- Play the Ball Play the Ball Play the Ball Play the Ball Play the Ball Play the Ball
Countless time I lose focus on the ball as I start panicking about the score or see my opponent as my "enemy" when in fact i should be concerned about the ball always... (which is a task in itself and takes strict discipline)
- Breathing in relaxed and controlled manner helps so much and will either build me or break me.... especially inhale/exhale while at contact.
- Constantly moving my feet to the ball and location and getting the ball back always in play.

- Having mindset that every ball i hit will be coming back to me and re-setup for shot over and over again...
I have tendency to get a good shot, then just stare at it only to find that it coming back to me... which produces an error or pushing the ball back..

- Grunting and playing aggressive
Match and practice is lot different as many of you know too and for me.. grunting helps me with timing, breathing and gets my mind of any doubt or worrying temporarily ... although sometimes not doing so and relaxing can get the job done also... but i feel so alive when i get grunt with a purpose and syncs in well with my body...

- Focus Focus Focus Focus Focus
I think for me this is probally the most crucial especially since i probally have adhd ... If get in the zone with focus (primarily on the ball and my breathing) everything else really falls in place... But tennis requires so much focus it's painful and agonizing.. it's a discpline!

- Flubbing a shot or making DUMB mistakes.. i need to let it go and move onto next point (consciously or subconsciously) or i end up dragging this pain and humiliation to next point and so on... this is quite hard too since I'm always "poor old me" type of person and my attitude is hard to control at times... but i'm sure if i start mastering this and letting it go.. it will help with everyday life also as mistakes always happens!

- Patience Patience Patience... more excited I get and force shots usually end up shanking shots.. .especially on slow sitters I need focus/patience and execution.

- Stand few feet behind baseline... I'm short and fast so when playing hard courts and ball skids then I'm able to get low to the ground and is in my strike zone..if someone hits it short instead of deep shots.. I can get closer to the baseline.. I do need to anticipate more if there is a dropshot though as it's long run away...

- One gameplan might not work if i don't execute it correctly or the opponent is countering that and putting pressure on me... worse case I might have to bring out Mr.P (Mr.Pusher) and get shots deep, with some direction to get ball in play and put pressure.
more to come as im just hoping to have more of these automated in my play.. ^_+

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