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Will Rafa be ready to defend his French Open after what you saw in Chile?

He has three months to get ready, which should be enough time to get those legs conditioned and firing on all cylinders. At least, that's what I think. True, he looked a little sluggish. His serve and forehand were without the trademark bounding zing. But I have faith he will get the package put together in time.

Agassi and Wilander believe it will take until 2014 for Nadal to resume his former level. Are the tour veterans right on this one, or are they underestimating Rafa's willpower? What do you think?

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I agree with you Tim.  I think he will be ready.  I actually hope he skips the US hard court swing so he can focus on getting "clay ready".  I would rather that he skip and get ready, than take a chance and injure his knees more.  He will get there.  He told everyone to be patient and not judge him in his first tourney back.  (Which is exactly what everyone did anyway.)  He will return in time.

Seems like you were right!!

But of course. Now pass the Grey Poupon. lol

Well Agassi knows best when getting off drugs how long it takes to get back to your former glory.

(ohoo Cheap shot at nadal)

Not nice CoachV.  Rafa is clean.  If anyone should be worried, it should be Djoko.  He is the one that most resembles the Lance Armstrong recovery process.  He is the one that has the most incredible ability to recover from strenuous matches and play again like nothing happened 36 hours before.  He should watch out.....

The accusations are rampant these days. 

Back to Tim's question - I would have agreed with A and W, but after seeing his recent work, Rafa will be ready for the French.  I'd say he is the second favorite after the Djoker.

Hard to say right now, but if Rafa wins the next couple tourneys, you know what's gonna be said then...

yeah NOW!

It's the goat cheese he owns. lol


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