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the Five Words are.....


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By Learning the real Meaning of these words tennis players can learn the real meanings behind every shot in tennis. grasp situations better on court during play & overall improve every shot in tennis.

Before you look up the meaning of each word post what you think the words mean first...

then look it up and make a comparison. Note I use the definiton from

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Hint offence doesnt mean hitting agressive.
Non-aggression and Passivity seem like the same thing to me.  It will be interesting to see how you differentiate them.

Passive is Giving UP plain and simple..

Non-Aggression however is caused from your opponents Aggressive defensive shots.

Or tennis term Forced error/ or set up shot or make them give you a short ball...etc.

 More on Passive

Think of D-juggernaut Nole. How his Aggressive defense can make a player go for a drop shot from 20ft behind the base line. this type of decision making is before passive its non-aggressive defense. 

Passive When you know you lost and there is nothing you can do so you do nothing. Def: Passive: choosing to do nothing.

How would you classify Federer's play in not closing out Djokovic two years straight at the US Open? He had two match points in each case.

I would tend to think he was in non-aggressive mode. Other fans and commentators have said Fed became passive. What's your take, Coach V?

I didn't see or follow last year. But this year i did. The Fed VS Nole Match is a Perfect example of Offense & Defense.

Now what the commentator Might have said was he was waiting for Nole to make his move. Which is a Defensive tactic.  Fed was on top of the hill and didnt have to do much. it was completely up to Nole's offense to finish the match....which it did. Now Emotions effect these five words & i will not get into that here or now without study or experimentation.

Federer not closing the match outlook isn't true.  Fed's tactics might have been wrong at the time but he did try to win the match so he was not passive... I think Tim you blogged about fed not giving credit to Nole over that big i correct?

Fed I believe, is used to players cracking under pressure against big leads with him.. Really Fed only had to play steady and defensive, but Nole's Offense has been no laughing matter. Think about how Nole has been schooling Nadal.  So, in short Fed's defense was not strong enough against Nole's Offense...Remember that Blistering forehand winner return at 150mph off a perfect federer's slice serve... it was all for broke/blitz/ or bum rush.. if nole missed no one will be talking about it.... but he didn't.... that's because Noles offense was way better than Fed gave nole credit for.

remember the last time they meet fed dismantaled nole & i think it was Nole's only loss of the year. French 2011.

2011 beijing china Nole played David ferrare in the finals of some tournament/open/china. the first set was won by Nole with ZERO unforced Errors. Which is a perfect game. so in that match Nole had perfect defense & Offense.




Attempting to score or in a position to score

( CoachV coaching tip: when being offensive during points some one will score & it may not be you! )



Preventing an opponent from scoring.

Note that Aggressive & un/non-Aggressive fits into both offense & defense.

( CoachV Coaching tip: Playing Defensive, the ball will always come back, but if you defense is great you will be able to handle it... easily. )

Yes, I think you summed up an interesting aspect to Djoko/ Ferrer. Djoko had both perfect defense and offense. Having zero unforced errors while possibly creating offensive situations. I think Mats Wilander's great year also had the same aspect. He could be steady and have next to no unforced errors, especially the French Open against Leconte.

Federer not being able to understand Djoko's blistering offensive reply is really Fed bargaining his gameplan AFTER it was said and done. I don't buy Fed's reasoning, especially when we all know he lost the matchpoint. There is no purely legitimate shot having to be defined by Fed's defensive outlook. Djoko gave the perfect reply and deserves everything it got.

Defense can be a great offense like you said. But other offense can win points outright, though.

but dont forget you can lose the point too with Offense. aka OUT/MISS or it wasn't good enough. D-juggernaut is good.

Based on answering Tim's reply. To some up offense & Defense for the average players. ( im slightly above average )

We dont have  perfect offense or defense it like a roller-coaster.  But as average players we do not have the skills to see each and every shot using the five words.  We think with trial & Error....example......

player 1 thinking: ok hes off the court I have to hit this back hand winner hard to get the point down the line.

Player 2 thinking: great Ive got to the ball and send it back cross court to play steady like my coach says or i played a great get back cross court where he cant go for it.


The out come doesn't matter.  its this type of experimentation that helps tennis players grow their game.  But applying my five words correctly to any situation or shot you will get a more correct read.

I Have answered this on my blog at

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here is some more info i have found on this subject BY FYB

thanks for sharing.. very thorough explanations!


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