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Hey guys - It's time for a top 3 :-)

I was curious about everyone's recipe to avoid being sore the day after a few big matches or very intense training. Can be to prevent any type of 'soreness'... lactic acid, knots in muscles, tendons or ligaments inflammation, etc...

Personally here are mine:

-8 hours of sleep

-Sufficient carbs and protein intake

-Proper hydration

-A little supplement of BCAA's after the exercice, just because I can ;)

What about you guys?

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Hey Kyle,

Besides cramp, what kind of injury are you experiencing?

Proteins are a good sustained solution to recover. They are still very useful even 24+ hours after the effort. Any chance you ever tried BCAA's (valine, leucine) or AA's (glutamine) to give you recovery an instant edge?

Californians is such a different world! (Just to be sure I creeped your profile to confirm you're from CA :-D.) Coco water seems to be so popular over there. Here on the east coast I'm pretty sure most athletes just drink the 'rades or vit's water.

Sleep is key for most pro's, except Tiger Woods, haha, have you ever saw this chart (blue bars, mid height)?

34 grams Solgar brand whey protein isolate (I like the chocolate flavor), with 5 grams additional L Glutamine mixed in 8oz of milk with a bit of chocolate syrup.  Take as soon after match or workout as possible.  Fix you right up!

Man, that looks tasty... Thanks for sharing your recipe. If you like glutamine, you may like BCAA's (valine, leucine and isoleucine). I personally like the positive effect of L-glutamine on the immune system but bcaa's personally make me recover faster.

Whey protein contains branched chain amino acids.  I learned about adding addiitonal L-Glutamine from a local high level coach.  It is an amino acid found in whey protein.  Adding additional L-Glutamine promotes absorbtion of protein in to muscle cells faster than whey protein alone, which, in turn, promotes recovery. 

1 pill of hydrocodone / acetaminophen 500MG

1 pill of naproxen 500MG

1 pill of cyclobenzaprine 5MG

this has been my regiment since 12/30/12

Sad to hear that V, how long will you be on that stuff?

since 12/30/12 car accident.

That sux coach.  I hope the adverse driver had plenty of liability insurance, and that you have a lawyer who specializes in personal injury.  You should be compensated for your car, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

yeah no kidding. they already screwed me with the car

They should pay Black Book value.  You don't have to accept what they offer.  Do you have an attorney?

black book value??? or Blue

The Black Book is what car dealers use.  It's more reliable than the consumer oriented Blue Book.


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