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Hey guys - It's time for a top 3 :-)

I was curious about everyone's recipe to avoid being sore the day after a few big matches or very intense training. Can be to prevent any type of 'soreness'... lactic acid, knots in muscles, tendons or ligaments inflammation, etc...

Personally here are mine:

-8 hours of sleep

-Sufficient carbs and protein intake

-Proper hydration

-A little supplement of BCAA's after the exercice, just because I can ;)

What about you guys?

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10-11 hours of sleep (Fed said in an interview that's how much he sleeps).

Cans of sardines or tuna (fish oil).

Stretching and cross training (cycling/boxing/swimming), using other muscle groups (muscle imbalance is a bad thing).

10-11 hours.. that's why you're so zen Tim!

Personally I experienced that fish oil did miracles when my energy intake was coming mostly from fats (hi fat low carb diet) but not so much on a typical North-American hi carb diet. What quantity, what form and how often do take it?

Mixing training up to unleash the athelete!! Love it.

Hmm, I'm not one to count portions of fat to protein to carbs. I just eat what I want, drink what I like. My body starts craving tuna or sardines when my knees feel worn or when I punch the bag for an hour. 

Fair enough for calorie count but as for choice, there is always a choice made, even if subconscious (my psychology 101 moment)! My fav is the clover leaf spicy thai single serve tuna can. I like it a lot so I eat one almost every day. Sometimes at like 9am lol.

Great Top 3!

My top three would be:

1. Water, water, water

2. Banana during a long match

3. Did I mention water?

Water is definitely key! I like to use this analogy whenever I have to describe a thermodynamic open system

Taken from the BETA page: (please feel free to provide feedback!)

Mark, is your banana portion is under 120 grams?  :-P

How about :

Stretching/foam roller

10 hours of sleep

Soaking in  a new product, "Soak Fitness"


Hey Rich! 

Stretching definitely plays an important part, especially as we are not 18 anymore... Never used a foam roller myself I usually use my hands or the walls for the hard to reach part since I'm always on the go!

I haven't tried soak yet, how do you feel in there? Is the smell alright too?


No doubt!! The building blocks of our bodies... Have you ever tried BCAA's (branched chain amino acids)?

Things i do after a match.

-I'm very prone to injury, and cramps during long play. (bummer). What i usually do is keep a small bag of pumpkin seeds in my tennis bag, since magnesium is essential for the entire body, (inflammation)

-I also keep protein powder in my bag, and just mix it with water after i'm done playing. (I like to use One World Whey; just a preference)

-I drink some Cocnut Water (Harmless Harvest, again just preference), and tons of water. 

-Sleep, at least 11.5 hours. =) I have to be better then Fed in something haha jk. I don't sleep much actually haha.


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