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Hey, it had to be done.


Let's Build the Worst Professional Tennis Player Possible

The most imperfect player will surely have the following:

First Serve: Schalken [video evidence]

Second Serve:  Braasch [video evidence]




Mental Toughness: Safin [video evidence]


Bring on your suggestions and try to provide some video evidence if you can. If you can't, let us know and someone will track down some links.

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Along the NEW worst looking (but effective) category, I nominate Kent Carlsson. Without a doubt, the most fugly looking tennis game of the eighties. Herky jerky serve, tons of wacky moonball forehands, arm driven slices, contorted face of panic.

Look at how disgusted Noah's face is, having to play him!

Wow, I can't even remember Carlsson and that surprises me that he made it to the FO semis.

Man, I remember my high school buddy Ian trying to copy him. It was during that French Open run. Herky jerky! lol

dementieva serve

My god, that has to be one of the worst serves I've seen a pro make. I've always heard about her serve, too. Listen to Mac talk about it. lol

Wow V - I think you struck gold with this one! Dementieva always had trouble with her serve.  It was her demon, sometimes she got it under control but in tight situations it would fail her.

mental Ability of Youzhny , I would like to thanks Brad Gilbert for getting me the name. Thanks

ok We have Found the Worst Serve, I think i found the worst mental with Youzhny

So he's a little crazy. He ended up winning the match, didn't he? hehe

how about this GUY Echagaray at least).
Dallas Challenger, 29.01.2008

I remember his reaction to match point foot fault call. Really dumb to call that.

Wow!  That's what happens when you give too much authority to a pea brain.  If it really was a footfault, which isn't clear from the video, it was de minimus.  If she had called him earlier in the match, he would have been forewarned and it wouldn't be quite as bad.  But, to call a questionable footfault on match point . . . just stinks!


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