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Hey, it had to be done.


Let's Build the Worst Professional Tennis Player Possible

The most imperfect player will surely have the following:

First Serve: Schalken [video evidence]

Second Serve:  Braasch [video evidence]




Mental Toughness: Safin [video evidence]


Bring on your suggestions and try to provide some video evidence if you can. If you can't, let us know and someone will track down some links.

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Are talking about motion, or effectiveness?  For serve, Karsten Braasch.  Check it out.

Dude, that's an interesting serve. I like it. :)

Brad Gilbert agrees with you.

He's reading this thread? hehe... oops! 

Karsten Braasch i pick for fitness.... smoking in between games. he also beat the william sisters.....while smoking during the battle of the sexes. he was ranked 203 in the world at the time.

more info here

He smoked those sisters, didn't he? heheh

Mecir's lazy cat serve:

That's not so bad.  It is smooth and fluid anyway.

He had to resort to hitting serves underhand, he lost rhythm and confidence. I remember that.

My recollection is that Mecir's bad back is what kept him from doing more with his serve.  He had a decent motion and he was a big guy.  His toss was a bit too far back, perhaps.  But, it seems he should have been able to crank it if he wanted to.

I never saw him serve underhanded.  But, I have seen him throw in what must have been about 75 mph second serves.

His toss was too far behind him. He had the classic palm up, waiter's tray, start the windup before the toss deal. My partner has the same motion, except he throws his body forward and gets some heat. Mecir just lagged beyond the point of no return.

Well there are ways of serving without arching the back too much. Would've helped him.

this topic is so hard


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