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Such a simple little question, but I just realized that we haven't put it so bluntly before.  So, spill it, who is your favorite player (man or woman) to root for and why?


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Gotta be Fed hands down. The way he makes tennis look effortless, the groundies are so beautiful. The maestro is poetry in motion.

I had the pleasure of watching Laura Robson play Kim Clijsters last year. This is someone to watch out for. She's fearless and has plenty of firepower from both sides. Her serve has lots of room for improvement. If she gets that figured out, look out!

-- oh btw, she just beat Petra Kvitova

Yeah, that was a big win for Robson.  Almost as big as her mixed dubs silver medal.  But why would you root for her?  Sometimes it is hard to explain.  I know what people root for Fed; he is just so amazing it is like rooting for superman, and especially now that he is aging and we won't have him around much longer.

I like to root for underdogs because they need it.  I'll think it over and bring back some of my faves.

For me, it will always be The Rocket.  After that, Borg (although I wasn't a big fan when he was on top), Connors, Muscles, McEnroe, Agassi, Sampras are some of my favorites.  I would love to add Pancho as a fav. based on what I've read, but, I've never seen him play, so, it's hard to justify calling him a favorite.  Among current players, I like Fed, Nadal and Djokovic pretty equally. 

Can you choose yourself? if not then

Navratilova just because she is so nice.

Yeah, but is she still playing any matches that show up on tv?  Or do you just root for her on reruns?  ;-)

i root for her on reruns.... then my next fave would be??? i dont know. my fave player is the one i can get the most info from... so currently its Nole. But i copy all of them except Murray.

I Copy Nadal's Forehand for my angles , Federer's/Novack's attacking forehands. 

my Game is my own but mirrors the top players. my serve is Federer-ish but its my own style. Backhand is a BLAKE backhand but better, the backhand is Federer-ish but i never styled it after him, but Federer did change his backhand recently and now Federer's backhand mirrors mine more..... it now has a shorter finish now. it mirrors mine and its a little flatter.

Love Nadal and Stosur.  Love both of their games.  I just wish Stosur wasn't such a headcase.  Before these two, I loved watching McEnroe, Agassi and Graf.

You like the muscle duo.  So predictable.  ;-)

If I don't look at the technique and just the person that I rooted for, it would still be Mac. He went for the brilliant finesse shot more often than any other player in my time. If I were a little younger, I'd probably say Laver, because he has the same bent. 

You mean if you were a little older? 

Having said that, I have to say that Mac played nothing like Laver.  Laver was an all court player and the hardest hitter in the history of tennis with a wood racquet.  Laver hit with heavy topspin on both sides, he could hit crippling winners from anywhere on, or off, the court, and he won by literally blowing his opponent off of the court . . . with a wood racquet.  Laver's weakness was, when he had an off day, he didn't change tactics, he just lost.  But, when he was on, he was untouchable by anyone.

Mac is a touch/finesse player with a big serve who absorbes power and seeks to end points at the net with athleticism and touch.  If anything, Mac plays very much like Pancho Gonzales, except Gonzales was bigger, stronger and faster. 

Yes, must still be asleep. If I were a little older. haha

But it is just like I said, if I were rooting for just the person, and not the technique. I think it is the sense of daring and inventiveness that Mac and Laver had. I have tried to see more clips of Pancho, but they aren't around on the web. :(


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