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What would you do IF your tennisopolis account.........................

was closed for spamming, censored or content limited? For LIFE!

1 I would cry for all the tips i put up being lost.

2. I would Write poorly written letters about why I need to be back on

3. cry some more

4. plot revenge on who ever screwed me up

5. try opening a new account under a new email.

6 be sad doing it with a new email.

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Huh?  Are you planning some spam adventure that I should be aware of?


no the idea came to me talking to lendl.jr  What if...a troll got knock out. how would they feel.

Well, I'd hate to lose all the tips I put up. You know, how to lead a racquet, what strings to use, how to hit a backhand, who had the greatest serve of all time...

Not that it would ever happen to any of us, but there are two ways to suspend an account.  We can suspend and delete all posts (this is what we do with spammers).  We can also suspend an account and save all submitted content.  We can also go back and pick out which posts are violations and just delete those, or even just parts of those posts.  We really have a lot of control when it comes to killing trolls around here.  :-)

what?  i can do no racial slurs?  hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha



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