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What's your volley technique: Racquet head always up and knees bent?

I tend to think that there are other ways to hit a volley other than constant racquet head up and knees bent. McEnroe makes a solid case for not hitting this way. Especially on low forehand volleys, it can be more advantageous to hit with the racquet head more horizontal than vertical. The reason being it gives you chance to hit across on the ball and create lower angles rather than pop it up to two waiting volleyers ready to hit downwards.

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My Volley Technique is out of the air over the net on your court point.

Not if I hit my drop shot first, amigo. lol

You guys are too funny

Think about Tim & I Playing tennis and always having fun!  cause thats why we play.

Sometimes, there is that stellar park tennis camaraderie. But sometimes...  I play to win! lol

Aside from the fundamentals we all know about, it helps me to be moving forward when making contact on volleys.  I'm not sure why, but, if I am planted at contact, the result is usually not as good as when I am moving in at contact.  Try it. 

Add to that tip, to move forward thru the volley, push off the back foot, hit the volley and land on the front foot. Pro tip.

The best volley technique is one that's unpredictable.  If you don't know where your volley will land, then neither does your opponent, right?  By all means, go ahead and use the frame.  After all, it's the most expensive part of your racquet.  If your opponent can still get to your wildly spinning, physics defying volley shot, he/she deserves the point!

I don't care what stroke you use, but don't pop it up!  I actually think that if the racquet head is up, I am more likely to hit downward.  Conversely, if I drop the head, I have to hit it higher to clear the net and can easily pop it up.  I don't have Mac's skills.  :-)

The conclusion I've come to is that it is very well possible to hit with the racquet head to the side or even below the hand, IF YOU ARE SLICING. The notion to always keep the racquet head up is for those who always hit their volleys FLAT,

Here are a few things that need to happen to volley well:

You need to make sure you are using the correct grip:  Continental

You need to move towards the incoming ball.

You need to catch the ball in front of the body on the FH and on the side of your body on the BH.

You need to keep your wrist firm

You need to set up the strings behind the incoming ball early, in the same way you place your hand behind the incoming ball when catching.

You racquet head needs to finish close to contact at the end of the swing.

Yes Edberg's volley technique exemplifies all of these points, especially the last one exceedingly well!


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