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Mine would have to be either the Head IG Prestige Pro. This racquet does it all. Hits flat well. Spins the ball well. Stable, the right weight for me. Plenty of plow, control on the drives.  Great serving racquet, nice cuts on the volleys. 

The only thing that happened on my demo is the clear bumper guard came off on one of my backhand slices. I don't know if the material is not as strong as the standard black ones of last year and the years before. But I've never had it peel apart from the center of the top like that.

My close second is the Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max. I'd need a touch of lead so it would plow as well. The volleys all have to be sheared with back spin more than the Prestige Pro. Hitting them flat does launch them more, with a faster rebound angle. But everything else is great.

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Get em while they are around because they are phasing out that line of sticks, think this is the last year.

Hey Hal, What racquet are you referring to?

Pure Storm Tour.

and I think the Aero Storm is gong bye bye, will reconfirm but pretty sure that is also the case.

The Aero Storm is a racquet not too different from Tecnifibre, as far as feel goes. But the Tecnifibre has a little richer, thicker feel.

I enjoyed the PS Tour so much, I went out and bought one.

Have three and you're set for life! :) are not far off. I'm sure I'll be adding a second in the near future!

I agree the Head IG Prestige Pro is a great racquet, but I like the HEAD Youtek IG Prestige MP a little better it is just a slightly lighter and more flexible. I find the feel and control better and its more manueverable.

I liked the Midplus, but it's definitely suited to the flatter hitter. I hit some really great returns with it. But the Pro has the spin I like.

The PP is a great racquet.  I was going to buy a few, but, got talked into the PD+ by a coach who said that if I am using modern technique, I need the most modern racquet design (double taper rather than flat), to maximize the benefit of modern technique.  I do love the PD+, but, I love the weight of the PP.  Solid but not too heavy.  With a full bed of poly, I could hit some sick topspin with that racquet.

Yeah, the Prestige Pro is probably better than the Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max stability wise, even spin wise. I'm waiting for the price to drop on it. But the full length CAP does bother me as far as balance. I like the bumper guard to be only at the tip.


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