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Ok in the ALTA Mens open AA Singles Tounament 2010 in Atlanta GA. My Quarter finals Round opponent Quit and defaulted, and My Semi-Finals Match round match was beating me 0-3 then I came back 5-3, I could not pull off the straight 6 games and he held serve. I finished him off 6-4, first set. he goes sits down take a drink of water and says I had enough. ( I Made him QUIT.....HELL YEAH!!!!!)

The problem is now, I hearing every excuse in the book, he had a tuff round before, his leg gave out...BLABLABLA. BTW he is also another teaching professional here in GA. Don't take lessons from him....

Another great excuse I heard was back in NYC.

I was playing at the US-Open Tennis Courts its the 3rd Round of the Mens Open Nationals around Sept/December. I am playing the Head Pro or assistant head pro of the USTA's Junior development program at the US-open Stadium Courts. I was still teaching at Saw Mill Club in MT. Kisco. I wanted to go there and destroy my opponent because his boss the Director/headpro was one of my former coaches when I was younger....and I ( hated too strong more disliked)hated him. He was arrogant and treated me with no respect at all. the Director/head pro is also the main reason I lost my back hand for 7 years straight after Tom Blake( james blakes dad) fixed it. So i was on a mission to destroy his second in command, represent my club and defend my top player & coach status for the Bronx.

 I Beat my opponent the first set 6-0 then I was up 5-0 the second set, He then comes out of no where with four hard serves to be down 1-5 the second set.( SFX*singing* ^too late_ ) on my serve which was as consistent as ever allowed me to coast through easy for the match. so i gave him a bagel and a french fry.

(SFX***drum roll***)

his excuse is...............

"the only reason why he won( meaning CoachV) was because he hit the ball hard." that's what he said to his students or girl friend on the side. how sad. hitting hard Is not the reason. Its because I hit the ball hard and didnt miss a single shot. I made 2 or 3 Unforced Errors including, 1 or 2 Double faults, and any points he won he had to work double for it. Plain and simple. I was the better player.( * i am thinking this, no one heard say this*)

Now MY CoachV Excuse of choice IS......
I didn't train enough or practice.... its true that's it.  I use that one all the time.

Also I dont practice every aspect of my game. I lost in the finals of the AA Alta singles because I could not volley. and that has not happened since 1995. to read more about the epic final join the CoachV Top Rank Tennis group and Become an online student.

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Yes. The Final, I almost broke him. Read more about the final on CoachV top rank tennis. But I am a pusher too. I only pound on someone if they let me. I am a well Rounded player.  I can do it all.

CoachV quote: See the ball, be the ball, Be well rounded.

Also Bruce Lee said it best,Be water my friend.

Tim Prapong said:

Stop you from winning? So you're an aggressive player from what it sounds. Have you ever met your match in a defensive player then?

CoachV - William Vazquez said:
not true. If you cant stop me today that just means you cant stop me today.

Tim Prapong said:

The world of tournament play between coaches. Interesting how much emotion is invested. Well, victory is a good thing if it is handled well. It's okay to gloat and brag, but not right then and there. Maybe here on Tennisopolis, it's okay. ;)

Yes, not training enough is the only reason. You must be prepared for anything, right?


Those belong in the One-Liner Tennis Tips thread!

Watch out  - you can get lost in there!

CoachV - William Vazquez said:

CoachV quote: See the ball, be the ball, Be well rounded.

Also Bruce Lee said it best,Be water my friend.

William, I didn't see your final on your Tennisopolis blog or your website, but I did see you rallying in a youtube. Nice solid backhand there.


"See the ball, be the ball, be well rounded". Excellent! I like "be the ball" especially.

Yes, "be like water" is a phrase I use for everything, tennis, boxing, poetry.
So is that why you say, "Top Rank", a reference to boxing?

Hmm you re right Repost it in there for me.

Mark / Mr. Mayor said:


Those belong in the One-Liner Tennis Tips thread!

Watch out  - you can get lost in there!

CoachV - William Vazquez said:

CoachV quote: See the ball, be the ball, Be well rounded.

Also Bruce Lee said it best,Be water my friend.

I drank too much coffee man.
The excuse for the toomuchcoffeeman, if he played tennis, is: "I drank too much coffee, man!"

for me usually is focus loosing excuse :) sometimes even I win or lose I have the feeling that I'm loosing my focus... let's say that I got stolen by the game and I liked so much what I was doing or I was so scared about that I lost my focus and scrambled everything after...

Why I'm saying that is because I had matches that I had 5-1 in first set and I lost the set with 7-5 and in the same match in second set again I had 5-1 and I wake up in time and won the set with 6-4... So, in that day I knew that I could easily win that match (a 2-0 win with 6-1, 6-1) but to some moment I was lost in space... As far as I'm playing with similar value players (a little bit better or worst than me) the only difference in matches is done by focus. As far as I can be focused and do my best every hit I can win the game or at least not lose it by myself... Anyway, at my level usually you are loosing a match rather than other is winning it... So, my usual excuse is "what the hell I was thinking at?" :)


The best prove is the service... Usually I have a very good first service but in a normal game I have around 40-50% successful first service... But when is needed to serve for set or I need a very good serve I can say that the rate is going 80-90% and usually I serve aces (even 2 in a game) or an easy point... Last time it was happening in a double game when it was 5-4 (first set) for us and I was serving and it was a straight game to 15 with very good 5 first serves and just one point lost... So, for me clear is focus the excuse and reason...

Nice reply. Focus is one aspect of the game that has many different views. 

Focus can be on yourself, your opponent & your environment. So Learning how to focus and keep it varies between players.


I focus better when I trash talk or play around. ( Cuz Im having fun! ) so in singles I talk to myself, ( and try to keep focus that way), but in doubles I've got Jokes the whole time for my partner about me, him, points missed and hit, and the match. ( aka the opponents )


but the great thing about Focus being an excuse is that it can be worked on.  Real excuses are Like this: a wise person once said ( i think Einstein ) I am limited in what I can learn and do but Stupidity is limitless. or something like that.

I have the same the habit to talk to myself and have jokes about my hits but when I'm playing double I'm trying to be quiet not to disturb my team-mate ;) Anyhow I found out that when I'm quiet I can focus better even in singles and usually my most stupid games were the ones I was talking too much... So, my latest approach is just sometimes to talk to myself and most of the times to be quiet... Works better :) Sure, all the time the fun is mandatory :D

you know what the secret is for a guy to focus is, right?...




no, I don't understand ;)

Searching the net I found TNA- Training Needs Analysis... maybe this is the right thing?


Anyhow, usually when I'm going for training on the field (with my trainer or a partner) I usually try to focus on specific game situations and I usually insist on some drills or things that can help different parts of my game (as backhand or inside the court hits) but never on mental things. And actually my trainer told me one time that usually when I'm in the lead everything works great and is very hard to stop me and usually when I'm behind I have hard times to recover... Actually I become much more defensive and carefully with my hits but in this case I lose some good opportunities to finish the point...


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