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For me, it has always been slice serve out wide on the deuce court. My hero during my high school days was none other than John McEnroe. I learned how to hit it swinging out to the side of the box, three to four feet past the net at times.

Now as a forty year old guy playing, often times, twenty year olds and young juniors, I still can rely on the slice serve to make them run instead of the other way around. I still can make the backhand volley or hit the inside out forehand up the line. I am set to take chances on big serves on the ad side.

What's your best serve and why?

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That is a good serve!  I have that one too, but it is only about 40%-50%.  I need to work on it more.  I have been developing my first serve placement and I have been having success hitting a slice up the middle on the deuce court.  It curves into a rightie's body on the backhand side and can jam them.

Ahh, yes I love that serve, I take a few mph's off add a little more spin and viola! However,true faves are, just a huge sliding body serve, and my all time ace serve has been slice second serve to the T on the add side. I honest to god probably have more service winners and aces on that than any other serve, takes a some faith in your control but if you get it in the corner never comes back.

Yeah, I've been revising my kick serve over and over, but when it comes down to it, the slice serve gets most done. Thanks for reminding me of the ad slice down the T. I used to hit that one, too. But I went to that low percentage flat. Maybe can get my percentage up again there!

Kicker Deep to the Backhand Corner.   When I really played a lot, I was tough to break, because on break point, I was going to kick it up and serve and volley.   

LIke Edberg or Rafter, eh? Great strategy, if you can do it!

The slice swerve serve to the deuce court is my percentage serve, I can hit it pretty hard from a height and it moves your opponent over leaving the down the line flat serve gaping.

I mix up my second serve from slower kickers to faster swerve serves. The latter being my more successful as the pace is often surprising too my opponent. I've been really working on a swinging kicker dtl serve to the deuce court, its a great serve to have in the bag and its working for me atm.

Big fan of body swerve serves, players try to serve to the open court too often, I play a couple of good leftys that leave the out wide to the ad court open a lot expecting that serve, so otts great to hit a swinging serve that follows them as they try and hit a fh return.

So when you hit a body swerve serve to a lefty on the ad, you're hitting a reverse slice back into their lead hip? Very interesting. 

That kick serve down the T on the deuce side is not easy for me to get much speed. Maybe need to adjust the toss a little more forward and arch fractionally more. I use a topspin slice for that one.

Second serve lots of spin wide is a great serve to have, hard to control and if it's high enough it can be a weapon, when mixing up the serve.

Yeah, I began raising the height of my slice serve on the deuce side. Really stops an accurate crosscourt forehand reply, especially those who slug it back. 

Love that serve, I had about 4 -5 aces last doubles match on the deuce side, with high, slider that swings out about 6-8 feet. 

Yeah, that is a good one.  Sometimes when my serve is struggling, I forget about all these options.  I think actually envisioning what serve you are going to hit proactively prevents one from falling into the "just get it in" mentality and probably keeps the double faulting away.

My best service placement is probably the right side of the ad service box.  After that, down the middle.  But, I'm working on my "right handed can-opener" to the left side of the deuce box.  You would think it would be the easiest shot for a righty.  But, after all these years, it's something I didn't focus on until recently.  When I nail it, it's brutal.  But, getting it short and wide is the key.  Even if you hit close to the corner, it could end up as a set up for a big forehand unless you really crank it.


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