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My best string setup is Solinco Tour Bite at 54 lbs. I have absolutely no complaints with this string, gives me all the spin I could ever want, not too stiff to where I can still feel pocketing for my volleys, but stiff enough to hit out, with a similar ALU type coating. In my Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max, it sings to me like a good guitar string. 

What's your best string for the year 2012?

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I have recently adjusted my string choices and I am in love. Babolat VS 16 on the mains @60 and ALU power rough 16L for crosses @55. It is perfect! amazing touch and feel with wonderful control and nice bite.

Can't argue with that hybrid. It is tour proven by Federer and Djokovic.

I've used the tour bite once and liked it.  At the time I felt it was too soft, but maybe I should try it again as I have been experiencing arm pain.  My current strings are __________.  Shoot, I forgot the name - I'll have to go find my reel but I have to run now. 

As for the 54# setup - why size stringbed do you have Tim?  I play the KBlade 98.

I use 95 hoop with a 22 mm beam width. Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max.

I'm using a full bed of Luxilon Adrenaline.  It's a bit softer than Alu Power and has a longer life before it dies.  Unlike Alu Power, I can play it until it breaks.  I've been told that the new Luxalon 4G is even softer and has a longer life than Adrenaline.  I'll have to give it a try on my next string job.

PS: Over a year ago, I saw the light and went to the dark side, Babolat PD+.  It's like cheating.  I recently gave my old Dunlop 300T a go, just out of curiousity.  It was like hitting the ball with a large ping pong paddle by comparison.  To think I used to love the feel of those Dunlops . . . .

The dark side, eh? Well, I went from the old Head Pro Tour 280 (flex rating 58- 20 mm beam width) to the Technifibre 325 VO2 max (flex rating 68 -22 mm beam width).

Last year, I had to put 15 grams of lead to keep up with the Babolat and new Wilson users. The old Head would vibrate so much from overweighting the hoop that there was no other choice but to get a stiffer frame.

Stop f***ing around and just get the Babolat PD+.  It's a rocket launcher.  If you can hit heavy topspin you'll be golden. 

Heh, the Tecnifibre is alot like the Babolat spec wise. They are competitors in the same type of racquet design and play similarly.

the Best is my backhand and any string. Gosen, Wilson combo og sheep 17g with Wilson Endoro Pro 17, affordable and consistent.

OG Sheep and Enduro 17. Which one is the mains?

I'm guessing OG Sheep is nat. gut.  When I used to play woodies, everyone was using Victor Imperial Gut, with the blue spiral.  That was THE string to play.  Best gut ever made.  Victor Imperial with a Davis Classic.  That was the combo.  Victor has been out of business for long time.  Too bad.  I coudn't play with gut now anyway, but, for anyone who uses a player's frame and has old school strokes, you can't beat VS Touch.  It's expensive, but, it also lasts 3 times longer than any multi if you take care of it.  A full bed of VS gut in a graphite frame is a serious weapon.

PS: Check out this ad from 1964:

Gosen OG Sheep is cheap synthetic gut with a plasticky feel. Don't let the name fool you. It is 1.99 a set.

VS Gut is the best out there. The feel is incredible, pocketing like a pillow. Great for the old school strokes. In a hybrid with either ALU or Hurricane Tour, Red Code, I've used all three with VS Gut. Lasted nearly two months.


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