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Hi Everyone,

 My current list as of today is:

Yonex EZone Ai 98
HEAD YT Graphene Prestige Pro
PACIFIC X Feel Pro 95
Prince Tour Pro 98
Prince Tour 98 ESP
Pro Kennex Kinetic KI5 315
Technifibre 2013 Tflight 315 16M LTD
Volkl Power Bridge-10 Mid (93)
Volkl Organix 10 325G
WILSON 2014 Pro Staff 95S

Let me know if you think any other racquets should be on this list in place of the ones that are here.
Thank you.

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Hi Thomas.  That's a good list of racquets.  I guess this is only current racquets cuz imho the Prince EXO3 Tour is the most arm friendly racquet available due to it's insanely low stiffness rating of 52!  The current prince tour pro version has a stiffness of 58 and the Prince Pro 98 has a stiffness of 60.  You might take a look at the EXO3 and let me know what you think. 

also here is an older post off my blog of arm friendly racquets that might help people.

I agree that the Prince EX03 was a great arm friendly racquet in fact it used to be on my top 10 list but is out of production. Prince has come up with a number of new great arm friendly racquets and the ESP line has an open string pattern for an even softer feel

even though it's out of production I see if often on craigslist and on ebay. It's only a couple years old so very attainable and still in demand.  I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with arm problems.  While the string pattern may be more open, I think the stiffness rating of the racquet has more of an effect on the arm and secondly string type then string pattern, would you agree? 

Hi, thanks for your list!

I usually play with ProKennex Ki5 and I pretty much love it!:)

The Pro Kennex Ki5 is an excellent choice, not only does it have all the characteristics of an arm friendly frame such as flexibility, head light balance and mass but it also has proprietary anti vibration technology from Pro Kennex a company known for arm friendly racquets.

My list:

Volkl V1 Classic
Volkl Super G 10 (325g)
Volkl Organix 10 (325g)
Volkl Organix V1 Pro

Prince Tour 100
Prince Tour 98 ESP
Prince Tour 95
Prince ExO3 Tour   (limited availability)
Prince O3 Hybrid Shark MP   (limited availability)

ProKennex - Kinetic or Ionic series (various frames)

A short anecdote: I took some lessons a few years ago from a high level coach.  The best tip he gave me was pointing out that I was gripping the racquet too tightly, especially at contact.  He advised me to keep a loose grip, especially at contact.  This instantly increased racquet head speed, power, spin, clean contact, AND cured my tennis elbow.  Because I had a loose grip at contact, the shock of impact with the ball terminated in my hand rather than travelling up my arm.

IMO, when you keep a loose grip at contact, the racquet is irrelevant to arm comfort. 

Hi there.

And thanks for the list. I am an advanced player in my 50s who has recently started developing elbow problems after playing with a Wilson 6.1 95L, which I got because I liked it's maneuverability.  Now I'm on the hunt for something a bit heavier, and more arm friendly.

I'm curious how you feel about the following:

The Wilson Pro Staff 95S (2015 model?) :

Wilson Pro Staff 97 (the lighter version of the Federer model.  Seriously intrigued with this stick):

Volkl Organix V1 Pro (demoed this recently and really liked it):

I have a bunch of Prince Exo3 Tour 100s, but I can't play with this racquet anymore. It feels like I'm playing

with a big noodle.  These racquets I played with before I switched to the Wilson..

Thanks so much in advance for your help!

missed Donnay... but I just switches to Pacific X Feel Pro

Prince Tour 100, Comfort rating 92

I have Babolat 2016 AeroPro Drive and it should be on the list . It can be used easily by any player that has a mid-level intermediate or higher playing ability. This racquet is all about swing speed . 

I am using wilson clash 100 (Check Review here) it is little bit heavier but still one of the best selling tennis racquet for  tennis elbow and also by professional players recommendations


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