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Prodigy From 4 Years Ago. [A Where-Are-They-Now Installment]

In light of the viral video about Gabby Price, our friend Guga points to another tennis prodigy that was crowned 4 years ago: Deiton Baughman.

Here's the promo video on local Fox News affiliate that reminded Guga of the Gabby price vid:
Deiton Baughman Video


Deiton appears to still be playing competitive tennis, but he is not the top dog in 18s. This just shows that the top kids at 9 and 12 years old are not necessarily the top at 18 and much less 24.

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I think he can serve big, but according to dad/coach he only uses when needed.

Yeah, I see his dad's youtube channel. No footage of his serve. Kinda got a touch of the Fed approach on forehand, Djoko approach on the backhand. Pretty interesting.

His backhand seems to stiff to me, like a Roddick backhand.  See how Deiton stiff arms it?

Here's the promo video on local Fox News affiliate that reminded Guga of the Gabby price vid:
Deiton Baughman

Family seems a great deal more centered, athough they sold their house and moved into a trailer park.

Trailer parks are not cheap

Cheaper than a house without wheels!  No, the park itself is not cheap - a slumlord can make a good living running one of those places.  But the trailers? Those are cheap.

Howard Schoenfield!  Possibly the greatest player off all time that never happened.  If he hadn't had the family/psychiatric/drug problems that he had, Connors, Borg and McEnroe may have won fewer majors than they did win.  I have no idea where he is now.

Here's a KnightRidder/Tribune newspaper article on Howard Schoenfield from 1996 entitled: "He was as good as McEnroe, but it didn't help him beat mental illness, drug use."  (You have to answer some survey questions to see the full article).

Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Schoenfield lives in what used to be a bed and breakfast in Hialeah. Now it is a halfway house offering supervised living for adults with mental problems. The building has a bright coat of orange paint and an equally optimistic name: Happy Home.

"Doctors have diagnosed Schoenfield as a type one paranoid schizophrenic. ``The most severe kind,'' says Happy Home manager Marco Guim. ``He hears voices. He's delusional. He's paranoid.''


Here's Sports Illistrated article about Howard Schoenfield from 1982:

Reading through the SI article, looks like Schoenfield was approaching burnout at 24. I'd like to see footage of his game.

Schoenfield was diagnosed paranoid-schizophrenic.  It was not a matter of burnout.  His pro career never had a chance.  Did you read the Knight-Ridder newspaper article?

I could only see the part you quoted. The rest is blacked out.


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