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If you could pick any age to be for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Does not have to be tennis related, but it certainly can be.  Would you rather be young and strong or old and wise, or somewhere in between?

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I would pick 26.  Certainly not as strong as 18, or experienced as 35, but it's a good balance between the two.  And it also happens to be the age I got married.  As a tennis player, I think that's the right age to be peaking anyway.  Speed, stamina, and quick recovery should still be there, with few or none of the aches and pains associated with old age.

Not as strong as 18?  That is not the case with many people I would guess.  I know in my case, 26 would be top strength level and could easily fold up into a pretzel the walking knees and elbows that I was at 18.  :-)

I would pick 25, you heal fast than a 26 yo. and Im speaking of tennis only. but if i can be 27 just for the beard.

OK quick i going through a process that makes me younger and keeps me at a certain age or do i have to start all over again from the age that i was.? that would considerable change my answer. also Would my Health stay the same for that age as well. because there will be no real point if i get injured or crippled and be in a body cast for ever at very young. that would be cruel.

Man, that is funny!

29 I was in the best shape of my life. 34 I got married to the girl I wanted. 39 I wrote the best poem of my life. 41 I know more about tennis technique than at any point of my life.

I would love to have stayed 23. I think that was my physical and mental peak. As far as pure laziness is concered, I would have loved to have stayed 17. Almost at my full physical peak and somebody else's responsibility! Those were the days!

What a good question!  hmmm... I would say young like 20 and wise like 35 but that is cheating  ok, 22 

25. Perfect balance.


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