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I have never strung a racquet and know next to nothing. However since I'm a tennis fan, I have a hunch it would be kinda cool to learn how to string your own racquets and experiment. So, how easy is it to learn? What do you think of the Gamma X-2? Any other suggestions on stringing machines? What things to look out for? 

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The Gamma X-2 is similar to the Klippermate. Two support points is not as good as four or six, so your hoop may get distorted. The Gamma has a cam roller with a ratchet mechanism. The Klippermate does not have a fine tune roller. So you will have to put the string around the roller around just right, or start over if the weight is not level.

These are both budget dropweights. Think if you can afford to spend the extra 200-300, you'll do much better with a standing crank machine. If you want a dropweight, I'd recommend Alpha Pioneer DC or Gamma 602 FC with the fixed clamps and 6 supports.

I understand these two are very much budget friendly. So maybe I can look into the Alpha Pioneer and Gamma 602FCX or Progression 2. How can you tell though you are getting the right tension from any machine? I mean how do you know your machine is calibrated accuratly? What is best advice on how to learn how to string? 

The klippermate stringer  is a solid drop weight portable. I strung on it for over 10 years. I even recently Exchanged one with my friend Nick & showed him how to string on it. I strung the  racquet perfectly with all original klippermate equipment in less than 40min out in the public Park perfectly. I was amazed on how quickly i did it since i didn't string on one since 2003. I have a 3rd klippermate as a portable backup. so if i travel, I can string.

on Calibration.....

thats a big problem Calibration. You cant know if the stringer is pulling tension correctly. 

Example: If you have a busted calibration tester or Calibrator... Like i have,that I bought it directly from gamma. I would never know my if my Gamma x-es is pulling wrong.

luckily My buddy Derek-D Had a Calibrator also for his Prince EOS. He Suggested to Test both the Calibrators and our machines. We made several test to make sure my Gamma x-es was correct using my busted calibrator and his working one. My gamma-x-es was fine and the calibrator was bad. If i didnt make several test I might have busted my electric constant pull machine.

But here is the thing about drop weights you dont need to calibrate, and 2-point systems dont really effect the racquet unless you are stringing at 80LBS or more. Its more of a sale Point. if a racquet has a crack 4-point or 6-point system will not save the racquet. its still gonna break. and 2-point systems are faster.

No, before it ever cracks, it is better to have the supports there. Prevention.

Dropweights are very accurate because they are constant pull. You won't need a calibrator for them.

There are a few youtube videos that will show you how to string. Check out YULitle's channel for instance.

Thanks for all the information and perspectives guys! I am thinking about all pros and cons you brought up. I know someone who strings his own with gamma X-2. So perhaps I'll ask him to show me how he strings with it to get more understanding.

Hi Shereef,

i just wanted to point out that there is an entire group and forum dedicated to stringing here:

Have fun

Thanks for pointing out! I didn't notice that group.

YuLittle has good videos! I watched his vids on how to tie the knots and they helped a bunch. It hasn't helped on my speed though :)

Weave faster, Chin! Get nimble.

Difficult to weave with sweaty hands Tim. My hands sweat more than Andy Roddick on any given day.

Use talcum powder.


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