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the food for thought: tennis Nutrition  there is only 26 pages of content and the rest is ads. and the content is mostly ads as well. On top,  the content is also accompanied by large Pics that may or may not take up half the page.

I think the tennis magazine that took over tennis week over ten years ago is on the way out. Magazines now have to compete with online forums like Tennisopolis ( no relation to magazines ), but If I want to read an article or find tennis information I do come to tennisopolis first to hear what others have to say. Because I am a Outlier with a unique perspective on tennis & im looking for new ideas & to grow.

The advisory board tennis magazine is Jimmy Arias with ties to Nick Bollettieri who is also on the advisory board, Peter Burwash who is another who owns tennis resorts and has his own teaching foundation like PTA & PTR. Allen Fox ( thinking tennis Book ) and Cynthia Sass who I never heard of. So in this magazine people on the advisory board also have ads in the magazine. So if i have money or fame I can get in tennis magazine and get my unique ideas out there before discovery of more famous or richer tennis providers.

Since the likely hood of fame or money for me is almost nil, I am forced to go online for a chance of discovery of my talents. Thus the end for me to be published in tennis magazine despite on how important my content is to tennis players.

  Tennis magazine fans go to online forums, or news services or youtube for their information.  Besides the instant gratification, there is also quality of content. With online if i don't like the content I find one that suits me better or find the exact content i need. I believe that Tennis magazine has lost this edge. It no longer serves tennis players but is a small magazine dying a slow death trying to survive on ad revenue along with a bonus of being on the advisory board depending on how much you spend.

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When I was high school kid with no money for coaching, I used to pore over old Tennis magazines at Cal State University in San Bernardino. I know what you mean. There was tons more content and I could practically get free tennis lessons.

Youtube is huge for content now, because you get to see the actual, not the written metaphorical and literal descriptions. You see the stroke being done in actuality.

Writing a tennis book is definitely going to be a hard one, when we live in a visual culture and video is cheap and free on the internet. The kids always go to youtube before they do it the way I did it twenty five years ago when I was their age. :) 

yeah.  tennis magazine is pretty pathetic these days..  Back in the day, it was really thick with a lot of interesting articles

Yeah, for the most part, print media is dying.  Does anyone here get Tennis Week magazine?  Looks like it might be better than Tennis.   Do you think a digital magazine with embedded videos and links could be a hit?

That's the only way to go. Printing is very costly, with color photography. I should know. I researched how much it costs to print a book of mine.

Dude, i think the USTA needs some new blood in its administration.  What do you think?

USTA is different that TENNIS Magazine & is a non Profit. & as A member of the USTA you can Change things if you want by getting voted in the Organization. LIke any Non Profit with members the members choose who runs the Nonprofit.

And the Problem is not the USTA but the changing Business. IN some places they are reluctant to change like print media and because they are changing late they are behind ( the TIMES )

They should go all online. Print in every circle is dying: newspaper, magazine, journals, etc.. Save a tree, and go free.


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