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LONDON (AP)—David Nalbandian was fined the maximum $12,560 and placed under police investigation for assault after kicking an advertising board and injuring a line judge during the Queen's Club final.
The ATP confirmed the fine for unsportsmanlike conduct on Monday and said the Argentine player also was stripped of his $57,350 in prize money.
London police, meanwhile, said they were investigating a complaint of assault filed against Nalbandian, who was defaulted from Sunday's match against Marin Cilic in the grass-court Wimbledon warmup event.
Police declined to say who made the complaint. Any member of the public who witnessed the event in person or on television could have made a complaint, as could the line judge himself.
''We are aware of an incident at the Aegon Championships,'' the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. ''A complaint has been made and the Metropolitan Police Service is now investigating. The allegation is of assault.''
Nalbandian won the first set 7-6 (3) but lost his temper after losing serve to fall behind 3-4 in the second. After missing a running forehand on game point, he kicked the board under the chair of line judge Andrew McDougall. A piece of the board cut the judge on the left shin, leaving him bloodied from an inch-long gash.
Tournament director Chris Kermode said McDougall received first aid but needed no further treatment after seeing a doctor.
Nalbandian was disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct. ATP rules state that any violent action will result in an automatic default. Nalbandian, who is still scheduled to play at Wimbledon when it starts on Monday, insisted he shouldn't have been disqualified.
''Sometimes you get very frustrated on court and it's tough to control that, and sometimes I do a mistake. So it's very tough to end a final like that,'' he said. ''I agree I do a mistake but sometimes everybody do a mistake and I didn't feel it had to end like that, especially in a final.''

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Break your own racquet if you must, but to do damage to someone else's property because you missed a point crosses the line.  I think the DQ was the right call.  I understand about showing your emotions during a tennis match; I've dropped (yes, dropped, not slammed) my racquet in frustration a couple of times myself.  But never have I thought to attack a bench with someone sitting on it.  What, he didn't see the line judge there?

I actually understood his outburst more than his idiotic speech afterward.  He should have been very apologetic but instead started a rant about the ATP.  I think that if he handled the situation with more class, humility and embarrassment, he may have saved his prize money and definitely the assault charge.  I'm a Nalby fan, but this immature reaction to what happened is hard to forgive.

Mark you are on point. I really saw the situation as an accident but his total inability to concede, admit and apologize was disappointing and narcissistic. I am a fan as well and for the longest time, romours of his lack of tact have been downplayed by his talent but this time it is in front of millions and costly.

Yeah, it is a little hard to believe he would just stand their several seconds after the impact and not show much help to the line judge.

I don't know about assault, because that is premeditated. The charge will be dismissed but the damage to his reputation is done. 

It was obviously not premeditated. Media sensations always take it a step further; very few people remember Stosur winning a grandslam because it was overshadowed by Serena incident during the match. 

I read that this was the same line judge that he had a problem with before. I don't know if that is true though.

I'd hate to think Nalby carries a hitlist of line judges lol anyone can blog anything, its the like the "Hate Miami Heat" bandwagon, "yeah Nalbandian is evil"!

he is smarter than that I hope



Nah, David is just naturally a little heavy. Hence, the nickname "Fatbandian". lol

Go tell him that! Make sure you got shin pads hehe

Ha ha, good one, Kev!


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