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Nadal says Dr. Fuentes should name those athletes he doped!

Rafael Nadal tells L’Equipe (English translation here) that Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor at the center of the “Operation Puerto” trial, should be allowed to name all athletes he knows have doped.

The judge has so far refused to allow Dr. Fuentes to discuss names outside of cycling, but Fuentes has said that he treated soccer players at his Madrid clinic. Fuentes has not been asked to reveal the code names attached to the 200 blood bags he was found with in 2006.

Fuentes told the court that in 2006, “I worked with all types of athletes. Footballers, athletes, cyclists, boxer and tennis players.”

Fuentes is said to be behind one of sports’ largest blood doping rackets.

"What’s happening right now in Spain in a court of law, is something that I don’t understand," said Nadal. "I don’t understand why doctor Fuentes doesn’t give names. I don’t understand why the judge doesn’t ask him to name them. That has disappointed me…It would be best if the doctor just tells them and those who are caught, suffer the consequences. I don’t know why they don’t go right down to the bottom of it all. We need to cleanse it properly. I have heard that this doctor has worked with foreign athletes but because the doctor is Spanish, the prejudice is mainly aimed at Spanish sports people. As a Spanish sports person, this affects me badly. Because of people like [U.S. cyclist Lance] Armstrong, all our reputations are in doubt."

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I know one of the code names its clay court king the

I also Agree with nadal. about how not naming the athletes does greatly effect the athletes of Spain.

Totally, and I think Rafa asking that the names be shared is the best move he can make from a PR position as well.  We immediately think, well, Rafa must not be on the list.  But, who is?

Rafa is asking the right questions of transparency. Good for him!

Rafa is totally on the list.... but he is probably clean now and if you see him he even looks smaller. he will be hit with a BIG fine.... and Exonerated like Agassi..... Wait and SEE!!!!!!!

I didn't know Agassi used PED's.  Crystal meth is no PED.  If anything, it will destroy anyone who uses it long enough. 

A good offense, is the best defense.

Exactly.  Just like on the court.  I think Rafa could have used a bit more offense in the final in Chile.

I tend to think that Nadal is just a supremely gifted physical specimen.

I think there's a 50/50 chance that he's not 100% clean.  Do I sound like Yogi Berra?  Hahaha!

I think Rafa is a combination of talent, revolutionary technique and physicality. But I do think early on, he had an abundance of muscle in the arm. He is now not as big, just as Pacquiao. We will never know I suppose.

Oh, we will know.  If we learn anything from Lance, either innocent or guilty, we will know about all these athletes about 5 to 10 years down the road.


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