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If you could design the greatest tennis player of all time, how would he/she play?

Well, I am going to design a sample player here:

Serve: Raonic

Forehand: 2005-6 Federer

Backhand: Gasquet

Volleys: Edberg

This is only one combination that I have thought of. Here's another:

Serve: Sampras

Forehand: Nadal

Backhand: Kuerten

Volleys: McEnroe

For the greatest female player, how about:

Serve: Serena Williams

Forehand: Graf

Backhand: Henin

Volleys: Navratilova

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I like the video, Laver is my favorite. Apples and oranges though. The use of modern frames in the hands of Laver when he was at his best, well roger and laver would be the best match never played. I love woods and collect them like crazy. I sponsor a woodie event every now and then, The players have so much fun. Roche and Laver class acts!

Ah, woodie event! Very interesting. I would like to watch something like that!

I read three books on Laver including his autobiography. Writes (or ghostwrites) really well!

dean hall commented in the group on If you could design the greatest tennis player of all time, how wou...: Gasquet's backhand? Don't agree...Roger's backhand is better than Gasquet's.... McEnroe edges Edberg on Volleys...

Man, who's plagiarizing my thread outright? They owe me a steak dinner! By the way, the links lead to a LinkedIn page.

The perfect player:

Serve: Schalken [video evidence]

Mental Toughness: Safin [video evidence]

Need I say more?


Who would be the equivalent player for volleys?

Nope, you've said it all.

But there are so many other facets of the game we must fill in.

Any ideas for the other strokes Paul?

I listed my pics on page 1.

Yeah, those are excellent picks for the perfect player - I guess now we're working on the "perfectly imperfect" player.  :-)

So, you want a list of the worst strokes in tennis history? 


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