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Many believe Sampras was the greatest server period, but then there are people who point to Ivanisevic and his high ace counts.

Some believe Krajicek had the best down the T serve. Bollietieri said he'd take Boris Becker's serve for clutch under pressure.

Then there's Edberg's kick serve and Mac's slice, great second serves for sure. Sampras once said Phillipoussis's second serve was the best.

Lendl's and Borg's were pretty solid and kept the fortress intact.

There's the current crop, Federer, Roddick, Karlovic, Raonic, Ljubicic and Isner.

Who do you think is the best and why?

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Lendl's serve was a fortress. Especially the down the T serves. Real nasty point enders!

Great question.  I would lean to Sampras because I remember on so many occasions how he would serve 3 aces when he was 15-40 down.  Another name that has to be in this thread is big man Kevin Curren.  Dude almost won Wimbledon a couple of times with his serve alone.  :-)

yeah, i agree with that. he had like a quick release serve (like Dan Marinos throwing motion), but he used the Kneissl Lendl pro in the final against Becker..  Curren was also a collegiate player at the Univ. of Texas- austin.

Great closeup! Definitely can see Curren being square, jackknifed at the waist, with whole upper body leaned forwards. His arm is not bent at the elbow upon pronation, like Sampras, but with a full extended arm.

I remember rooting for him against Becker. It was utterly frustrating to watch. Nobody knew who Becker was. He played so amazingly cagey for a teenager too.

Big fan of beckers bombs, pat rafters kick, michael stich slice out wide, sampras second serve......

It's too bad there's not a serve that can encompass all of those. lol  Becker had that cannon like flat skidder, Rafter had that extra nasty kick, Stich had that beautiful fluid oval windup. Well, Sampras had that heavy spin. Kuerten had a speedy smooth serve too! 


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