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Man, oh man! All I can grow is a silly catfish 'stache. lol

just die those rat tails white....... White Lotus

White Lotus? Who's he? haha

White Lotus

Oh, god no... Man looks like a vengeful bastard. lol

I don't like facial hair... 

You sound like my wife.  When I grow my fall beard, she always stays clear of me.

No shave November coming. Lets do an blog post & video so everyone add pics then make a facial hair growing montage. 

Mark/The Mayor, I threatened my bf that I will grow 'something like that' on my legs if he goes around hairy  

Eww! If you were capable of doing that, see you in Guiness World Records!

THat Would Be Funny and Cool. you don't have the guts to do it, Dont shave your legs for 1 month. in NOVEMBER Join us. by the way here are some other women who are ahead of the curve.

CoachV&Tim Prapong: I opened the link but had to close the window immediately (too powerful images)  thank you for the invitation and ideas!


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