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My friend started this discussion......I don't know if I have a favorite...but I was feeling maybe Penn has a little more give.... Wilson seems to be firmer and stronger so more speed? Tell me what you think ......

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Good topic. I never thought that balls really made that much of a difference. Boy was I wrong. I bought a case of Penn' at Costco. The Penn' were good only for one match. Especially if you are banging the ball back and forth. I noticed that at the NTRP tournaments, they use Wilson US Open balls. I prefer the Wilson' myself. I can use them for two matches, even when slamming the ball back and forth with my partner.
The pro at my club insists that the balls you get at Costco and Walmart, despite the identical packaging, are cheaper/worse than the balls you get in the pro shop and sports stores.

Does anyone believe this?
yeah, i agree with that. I'm sure they are specifically manufactured just for the walmart account. I usually get mine at Dicks sporting goods or Sports authority.
Mike what do you think about Dunlop grand prix.......
Hmmm I'm not too sure about the "Grand Prix". I'm not too sure which ones those are. But the regular Dunlop' are actually good too!
I play with Slazenger Championship . They seem to be brighter in color than wilson or penn and they last a long time!
You know what I miss...those white tennis balls! Remember those?
Dunlop green Championship has the thickest felt for sure, and is the heaviest, durable ball. Grand Prix ball is a little lighter and has a nicer feel.

Wilson has a good felt to spin the ball with and is a lighter ball, and is fast. Great light feel. Another fast ball are Volkl balls, which I get at the Racquet Doctor for fast doubles.

Penn are close to worst, a dull feel and very dirt absorbing felt which makes the ball get heavy fast. Boy, do I hate them!

The worst are those Wilson Titanium balls or most pressureless balls. They feel like rocks!
dude, i was playing with some pressureless tennis balls I had picked up at walmart and while I was playing , I hit one and it split in half !!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha... I'll never buy those again. I used to get the white tennis balls in europe when wimbledon used them.. they should go back to the white balls, thats's what made the tournament so unique!
Hey Mike,
I actually have many of the old 'white balls' From the 50's and 60's. I have some that were never hit and still in their cardboard box! Kinda cool really :) I'll take a photo and upload :)
Cool. Do that and I'll feature the photo. I bet you could get some decent money for those on ebay.
Hi Mark! Here they are :)


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