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OK Classically, Nole has beaten Nads in every FINAL. But NADs has Some advantage i dont know what it is. But NOLE is Playing like the #1 should. so is the worlds #2 gonna beat the Worlds #1 or will Nads break the number 6.

I think its gonna be a 4 set-er but they have a history of playing for 6 hours.

PS When Time is it starting?

also here is their Head to Head

Rafael (NADS) NADAL Vs.  D-Juggernaut Novak Djokovic

        18          ATP Head 2 Head                      14

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With the Rain Delay, the Score is Novak 2-1 in the 4th set

6-4 in the fifth for Novak

That's your prediction? I think Nadal will close him out in the fourth. 

NOVAK double fault on match point! Tsk, tsk.

SO What, I just saw the beginner of the match just now, for the first time I didnt know NADS was playing like that & also what about that perrier water sign. KA-POW! That was so funny!, so it looks like to me the longer a match goes Novak can win, too bad the rain stop the match when it did, cuz NOLE was on a roll with 8 games straight!  & i think based on NOles play I new he was gonna lose if they did get back that same evening, because it would have given time for NADS to get over emotionally the 8 games. allwell Here comes the grass.

Djoko doesn't have the same confidence or mental toughness of last year. It's pretty evident.

NADS -19 VS D-juggernaut -14 NOW

Difference of 5

Let me pic on federer ( easy target now )

18-NADS VS 10- FEDERError

Difference of 8

FEDERError 14 VS Djuggernaut - 13 NOW

Difference of 1

Novak Still the better player and he is still coming of age!

How do you figure? Nadal has a winning record against either and he is only one year older than Djoko. 

stop trying to change the conversation to NADS this conversation is about NOLE.

My Point is that NOle has to be Great to defeat both of these guys on a regular and both ferererROR and NADS are completely different playing styles, and also that the match between FedereRRor & NADS are lop sided with more wins for NADS, but look at this FEDERError has more championships. So NOLE has a game thats great! he can defeat both players in 1 tournament.

Tennis players lose 90% of the time, except #1 & #2, who lose 50% of the time.

we are in an era where we really have either two #1's or two #2's depending on how you look at it.

FERERError, NADS & NOLE all three are losing 50% of the time. except FederERROR right now, hasn't won a Grand yet in a while, but who knows.


You can't have a conversation about only Djokovic. You HAVE to talk about Fed and Nadal because we know Djoko isn't a dominant #1 any longer. He has been losing the edge he built up last year.

So Djoko has won one against Nadal at the Australian, Nadal has one against Djoko at the French, and Djoko has one against Federer at the French and Nadal has one against Federer at the Australian. So that makes Djoko 2-1, Nadal 2-1 and Fed 0-2 head to head. 


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