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Hey old dudes, I just want to announce that Martin created a new group dedicated to players over 50.

In the new group, you can share and discuss ideas like:

How to win the smart way.

How to stay healthy.

How to deal with young opponents.

Ways to improve your strategy.

How to recruit 20-something doubles partners.  :-)

No really, come represent and join in the fun:

Tennis Over 50

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Come on? Nobody?

No one is over 50?

I don't buy it.  Come clean boys.

How would you fill in the blank?

I think the over 50 tennis crowd is ______________.

the new forty. lol

That is so true.   But where are they all?

I am one! 56. Tennis over 50 is.......just as fun!

That is good to hear Robin - I am 7 years from there at the moment.

Can you join the group and help us get it started?

. . . a bunch of soft, flabby, panzy assed, doubles players.

Paul how old are you? want to play for your pink slip? Sound very cocky and immature, you will one day be over fifty. I'll be happy to get you on court and have some witnesses, so you may want to give that public apology now.

Woooo! Smackdown!  I would pay money to see this match.  OK guys, tell us each what your strengths are and we can begin to imagine the match that will probably never happen.

Older than you!  Not too happy about it, either!  I've been playing tennis for almost 45 years and my comments are based on personal knowledge and experience.  Like I said, soft, flabby, panzy assed doubles players.  I've got nothing to apologize for.  But, maybe you do for disrespecting your elders.  Let me know next time you're in Miami and we'll play.

I love Florida man, miss the fishing. I live in So Cal. Paul I must say I see fat people everywhere, of all ages, it is so sad to see children especially. I was taught not all elders are to be respected. I guess you get a free pass being older and all. I am 53 got a 34 inch waist and in pretty good shape. I am not big on the grey hair and the recovery time I need now, but looking for some competition it is hard to find. My project of working with those underprivileged kids will hopefully get some of them to move on a court and less with their video games. I'm not soft or flabby, can't find many that can even return serve. The college kids get upset, and that isn't any fun. I am looking forward to playing some senior events soon as my friends are in the top 10 players in the state. Time is a trip, going by way too fast. You might want to expand your horizon and play some actual players not the guys with a keg on court.

You make a lot of assumptions, Mark.  Anyway, my biggest peave is not being able to find dedicated practice partners who want to do drills and work on their games.  Not one.  For me, one of the great joys of tennis is the struggle to improve, and acheive those goals.  In the past, I've had some great drilling partners and I always played my best when doing drills on a regular basis.  But, the lack of regular practice partners is one of the reasons I started playing golf in the late 80's.  There, I said it!  That's right, I play golf.  Pthpthpthpth!


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