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So everyone has been saying how annoying Novak's incessent ball bouncing is. Anyone here got a habit or tendency they'd like to share?

I bounce my ball too before serves, but usually only twice. the only other thing I could think of for me is that I always wear a hat on hard courts, but on clay courts, never. Not sure if that really qualifies as a habit, but it's something that's a little weird/non-sensical.

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haha yeah a little, i guess what i meant to say is that if the crack impacts the bounce of the ball and it does not come straight back up I have to have start over again

Mark / Mr. Mayor said:
Dude. You are a tad bit OCD. If the bounce hits a crack, you have to start the bounces over?
I always wear a hat too, inside, outside, day, night - doesn't matter.

Nate said:
I always wait until the ball has stopped bouncing and usually rolling before I serve again. Usually I don't wear my shoes to the courts unless I am in a hurry, and I take them off before leaving the court, dunno why, maybe just because it's relaxing to tie them once I get there and get focused. That's about it, aside from 3 bounces that are all pretty much uniform, if it hits a crack I have to start over again. Always wear a hat unless I forget but that's usually once in a blue moon.

Yeah bro, go with what you know. Stay classy.

Another habit I have, Nate, is that I always set my water cup in the same hole.  At my club, we use these paper cone cups for water and attached to the bench there are 4 holes for holding cups, I always like to have my cup in the same spot.  So I'm a bit OCD too.

Hahaha! I'm fairly new to tennis (playing only about 6 months), but that seems to be my routine too - especially on important points!

Mark / Mr. Mayor said:
I have a service routine too: Call the score, bounce a couple of times, double fault! ;-)

I don't try to make habits because I'm afraid I will start being paranoid. There is a good habit I always do and it does wonders for me, that is I constantly move my feet and stay positive. Even if I'm down in a match I always act positive and keep moving my feet before and after serving. What I mean by moving my feet is doing that little tennis dance (that's what I like to call it :P )
That's a good habit - staying positive. This can really work for competitive players because your opponent is always trying to pick up on your attitude and see if you are feeling doubtful. To be resilient, brush off a bad miss, and stay positive makes them start to wonder about their own game.
I always bounce the ball two times before I serve and drag my toe as I fall into the court. My shoe is totally torn! I also cannot wear a hat or sunglasses, my clothes have to be loose, and I always wear a sweat band on my head and wrist. I think thats about it...but I definitely feel way uncomfortable if I dont do or have any of those things
my tennis habit

Wow I must say it has been very interesting reading some of the replies to this discussion. I have a few odd habits of my own that I'll share but my habits are never a distraction and almost never cause me to lose focus in a match.

1. I too like many of you bounce the ball before my serve. I usually approach the baseline, call the score, and bounce the ball 3-5 times before going into my service motion. Definitely my most ordinary habit on the court.

2. While returning serve I spin my racquet in my right hand before my opponent goes into his or her service motion but always stop my spinning with the word "yonex" facing up towards me.

3. This habit is definitely one of my stranger ones and sort of hard to describe; I do this while returning serve. Just after my opponent goes into his service motion I get on the tip of my toes and rapidly move my feet. I'm not exactly sure how this habit started but it sort of allows me to spring in the needed direction of the incoming serve and it initiates proper footwork in my return shot.

1. adjusting my hair

2. yelling after missing a break point


no habit, but would like to develop this one:

Would take years of karate training.


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