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Teaching Tennis to Children

Teaching young children is not as easy as you might think. It can be very challenging. There are some adults, coaches and parents who are born with the gift of being able to communicate with children with great ease. For coaches and parents with less teaching experience where small children are concerned, here are some general principles that you should…


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About Modern Tennis

Although the traditional way of teaching youngsters is still the mainstream of introducing the game, a modern style of playing and teaching is beginning to raise its head even at the beginner level. The modern game is a variation that uses different techniques of preparation and ball striking. The recent explosion of “modern tennis” was and is still being created…


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Be goal-oriented!

When was the last time you walked onto a tennis court just to hit a few balls with a friend or practice partner without having a specific purpose in mind? To make the most of your court time, my advice is to use your practice time wisely. You would do well to remember this very important point – “aimless hitting” produces “aimless play”. Balls that are directed…


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Teaching Tennis: Protocol for Instructors

The ability to play tennis at a high performance level is an acquired skill that takes years of experience to master. Acquiring the ability to teach the game with a high degree of skill can be just as difficult. In fact, helping other players to develop their skills can be more difficult than developing your own. Just because you were a better than average player doesn't mean that you have what it takes to promote the skills…


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Hydration and Tennis

Tennis is a passion that dedicated players refuse to give up on. Many choose to combat the heat and continue playing during the hottest of summer months.…


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A lesson on taking lessons

Instruction, coaching, and lesson taking are factors that should not be taken on a whim. I can’t stress enough the need to plan out each step of your instructional method. Lessons are the cornerstone to improvement in tennis.…


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Returning Serve

If the serve is the most important shot in tennis, getting it back should be your next priority. The service return is not just another ground stroke. Matches are won and lost with service returns. If your opponent has a booming serve, this is when you’re most vulnerable. So, developing a consistent service return is…


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Using the Lob


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How to hit with topspin

It seems that every young kid wants to hit a two-handed backhand with topspin like Raphael Nadal or Andy Roddick. That’s not so unusual, I suppose, since many kids tried to serve and volley like Pete Sampras when he was the world’s leading player. But let’s face it, most youngsters don’t possess the extraordinary skills of a Nadal or Roddick. Nadal’s…


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Are Two Hands Better Than One?

Everywhere people are playing tennis, from the public parks to professional stadiums and arenas, you’ll see people of all ages using two hands on the backhand side. The two-handed backhand boom is here to stay. Back in the 1940’s, players like Pancho Segura came onto the scene using two hands in a professional atmosphere…


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"Hitting the one-handed slice"

Most players that use a one-handed backhand usually have some variety in their shots off that side. Usually, the variety would include a slice backhand. The slice backhand is probably one of the most natural strokes in tennis. Bringing your racquet back to about shoulder height position on the backswing is as natural as…


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"Bring your racquet up to meet the ball"


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Concentrate on the Hitting Zone

The “hitting…


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Take a little hop

Just before your opponent hits the ball, take a little hop, then come down with your weight evenly distributed on the balls of your feet, ready to move in any direction with the correct foot. Taking this hop, called a split-step, enables you to stop and read his shot. Don’t just take a hop, land on your heels and turn off your engine. You have to be ready to…


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Prepare on the run


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Keep the Ball on the Strings

Make contact with the ball just in front of your forward foot and keep the ball on the strings as long as possible. The racquet face should travel on a straight upward line through the hitting zone in the direction you want the ball to go. If you’re trying to hit the ball crosscourt, make contact a little farther out in front. But if you’re trying to send the ball down the line, make contact a…


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Getting to the Ball - Lesson 1

You are only as fast on the court as you are on your first step. To move to the ball, your first step should be a thrust out with the foot closest to the ball. That also turns your hips and shoulders slightly and starts your racquet back. You drive off your far foot and move the center of your body toward the ball. If you lean with your head and shoulders first, your legs are always trying to catch up with your…


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Bring Your Racquet: Tennis Basics for Kids

Author, Steven White brings twenty-five years of tennis teaching experience to focus on the fundamentals of the game for the young, the beginning, and the improving player. The book allows young readers to learn the basic strokes of tennis from easy-to-follow text, written with a combination of simple and more complex sentences and carefully introducing new vocabulary. And it's Manga illustrated! The Manga characters not only provide an interesting…


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