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Although the traditional way of teaching youngsters is still the mainstream of introducing the game, a modern style of playing and teaching is beginning to raise its head even at the beginner level. The modern game is a variation that uses different techniques of preparation and ball striking. The recent explosion of “modern tennis” was and is still being created by players at the professional level where it continues to grow and evolve. Modern techniques, has many advantages over traditional technique. Young players can generate more power with less effort and can use more spins effectively.

A wider range of impact points is also available when using a modern approach where technique is involved. In a nutshell, there is an expanded range of what can be done with a tennis ball. As a result, technical innovations have led to an expansion of tactical possibilities, and this is why today’s coaches and instructors are teaching a more modern version of tennis to youngsters.

The modern game includes more than just new techniques of ball striking.

Reception skills and more flexible footwork patterns have evolved to enable faster movement and recovery. It’s essential because of the fact that getting in position to hit the ball is just as important as the hit itself, if not more important. The new patterns of footwork also allow players to turn defensive positions on the court into offensive situations. Hitting on the run and hitting while moving backwards are good examples of the modern style of play.

One of the benefits of “modern tennis” is that it can be taught to people of all ages and levels of ability. With proper instruction, beginners can learn the modern game much faster than the traditional game taught the traditional way. At this point, you’re probably wondering what exactly is the first step in teaching the modern style of play. The two biggest points of adapting a modern style is in the positioning of the feet and the gripping of the racquet. When executing modern ground strokes, the open stance and a semi-western to western grip is recommended.

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