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Hey, it had to be done.


Let's Build the Worst Professional Tennis Player Possible

The most imperfect player will surely have the following:

First Serve: Schalken [video evidence]

Second Serve:  Braasch [video evidence]




Mental Toughness: Safin [video evidence]


Bring on your suggestions and try to provide some video evidence if you can. If you can't, let us know and someone will track down some links.

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Careful, V.  He might sue you, he he he!

Wow V, I think we found a new strategy for you to make some money.  Somehow we got to get all the newspapers to call you the "world's worst" tennis player and then sue them all for libel.  Check out Robert Dee's site; he posted the checks right on there.

I like how the apologizes come as , "he lost 54 matches in a row. but he has won many other games, we apologize for any embarrassment. "

worlds worst pro with worlds best lawyer = Cha Ching

This isnt the easiest thing for me since im always looking for the best. so i asked my buddy Brad Gilbert. He gave me his Worst looking shot but effective. the Edberg forehand.

here is an example

But Edberg's forehand was steady. So it doesn't qualify for the worst player.

like i said brad said it was ugly. and i have seen many players try to copy it with a major FAIL.

Alot of people thought Brad Gilbert's game was ugly. But it was effective against Boris, wasn't it? haha "Mr. Winning Ugly".

The thing about Gilbert is that his style is ugly but his strokes are fairly standard.

He's a master of riding off Becker's pace or hitting even more "shorthand". McEnroe didn't like someone else doing the short form like him.


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