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Who's going to BNP Paribas in Indian Wells this year in March?

I am planning to go this year, since I missed last year. Two years ago, I met Rod Laver and he signed my Adidas white jacket. The modesty of the champion was very disarming. I also saw Nadal vs. Tsonga, Djokovic vs. Canas, Federer vs. Ljubicic, Sharapova vs. Hantuchova. What a great day for me! Hope this year will be as good, or better.

Maybe some tennisopolis'ers should all go together, one day, I dunno...

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Mr. Mayor, I do not know how much it cost for the grass courts.  :-(  My friends arranged for the grass court session that time.

Planning to be there this year. Like the idea of a meet-up to hit some balls, socialize etc.

How do we get this idea off the ground ?

All begins with a thread and a person willing to give out their email/ phone # and has the time. I'm in the middle of a move right now, so I can't commit.

I'll be there too! Last year, I met a few Tennisopolites at the outdoor margarita place on the east side of the stadium and had a couple drinks and sat in the lawn watching the big screen.  We need to come up with a date on which many of us will be there.  I figure the middle Sat or Sunday would be good.


How does this sound?

Sounds cool! A bunch of Tennisopolites livin' out "Margaritaville" on a Sunday afternoon :)
if i can get tickets and crash at someones hotel or room I will go. and even give them tennis lessons on the side for payment.
My friend would stay in a motor home for the whole week and watch every single day. He spent the whole week two years ago and spent more than $1200.
Yes! a friend is taking me for my birthday.
Counting the days.......

Went last year & Novak played on my birthday...
Awesome gift :-)

A side trip to Joshua Tree is a must, if time permits.
I wish I got BNP Paribas tickets for my birthday! But then they would have to move the tournament to May ;)

I hear ya.  Your motor home friend is hard core....I like it!


 I'll be at the tournament the middle Saturday, both day and night sessions,

and will definitely be drinking margaritas :-)

You're so cool, Shawna! Well, my friend had a friend who lived in a condo across from the stadium. So he stayed over there and left early in the morning. He'd have beers in a cooler, nuts and snacks in his camper shell. Kinda looks like Jack Nicholson, but jollier, if that makes any sense. Funny as heck.
We should make Saturday the official Tennisopolis meetup day then. :D

Awww, thanks!  I'll be happy to meet any and all Tennisopolites on Sat.  My friend Chris, sometime

hitting partner and all around great guy and crazy tennis fan, will be with me.


See ya!


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