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What Tennis rules are ignored the most by amateur players?

I am wondering what people's opinion is on this. I have never called a foot fault on an opponent before, despite seeing it occasionally. In doubles, opponents sometimes make contact on my side and I let that go usually.

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depending on who you are playing....all of them.

The two you mention are the most common: reaching over the net, and the foot fault.  Also, no one complains if you get some water after the first game, or at the changeover in a TB. 

The Foot Fault etiquette is to let your opponent know, after the point is over, "Hey, watch those foot faults."  I don't usually call them as points, but I will call them afterwards.  One that bugs me is when an opponent double hits the ball, and doesn't self-call it.  

I thought a double hit was legal as long as it is one motion?  Can someone shed some light on this?

Yep, the USTA changed that rule.  Now as long as your double it was achieved in one fluid motion, it is a legal shot.  I guess there were too many arguments about whether a ball was hit twice or not, so it is easier to argue whether it was one or two motions of the tennis racquet.

Do you mean when they take two swings or just when they take one swing but get two hits and create a lucky shot? We didn't used to know but checked the rules. If it's all in one swing and thus not intentional then it's allowed.

oops. Didn't notice all the replies echoing mine. Can't delete this reply as far as I can see. 

No need to delete your reply.  It's good to see how someone else explains it.

Taking the ball on the second bounce when returning a good drop shot.... Or marginal line calls, but i can live with this!


I don't know if I'm understanding you ... you're OK with a return on the second bounce if it was a hard-to-get drop shot? Two bounces are one too many to me.

Im ok with the marginal line calls cause what goes around sure does come around!

Foot fault is the most common broken rule in amateur tennis. Some people make a habit of serving with the foot touching the line even prior to the start of the swing.

This mistake is common because the toss is often thrown too far forwards so the feet naturally will shift forwards to reach it.


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