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Mine would have to be either the Head IG Prestige Pro. This racquet does it all. Hits flat well. Spins the ball well. Stable, the right weight for me. Plenty of plow, control on the drives.  Great serving racquet, nice cuts on the volleys. 

The only thing that happened on my demo is the clear bumper guard came off on one of my backhand slices. I don't know if the material is not as strong as the standard black ones of last year and the years before. But I've never had it peel apart from the center of the top like that.

My close second is the Tecnifibre 325 VO2 max. I'd need a touch of lead so it would plow as well. The volleys all have to be sheared with back spin more than the Prestige Pro. Hitting them flat does launch them more, with a faster rebound angle. But everything else is great.

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No, different.  Spaghetti strings were something that a stringer could do to any frame.  Basically twisting strings around all the mains. 

I would love to try a Blackburn too, but this is not the same thing as a spaghetti racquet.  Also, I've always wondered what happens if one face of strings starts to lose tension faster than the other...

Im thinking of getting this "Wilson Cierzo Two BLX2" tennis racket for my brother as his 2012 birthday gift, he's been talking about this for a while :)

Anyone have other recommendation thats comparable to this ? 

Not many racquets with those specs. Head makes one called Ti.S6. Weed makes a 125 sq. in. But the Wilson Cierzo replaced that Sledgehammer series.

The one I am waiting patiently for is the Volkl Organix 10 Mid :) 

I need to find a replacement for my Volkl C10 Pro Tours, they are getting old and hard to find.  :)

Ah, I did demo the Organix 10 MP. A very nice playing racquet, much more muted and subtle compared to the predecessor Powerbridge 10 MP. You're waiting for the mid version, the successor to the Powerbridge 10 mid. When is that supposed to come out?

I'd love to see a reintroduction of the 2008 version of the Babolat Pure Storm Tour. Static weight is 0.3 ounces lighter than the current version, which I can appreciate. I play with these in stock form. I have three of these left but the frames are getting old and beat up. Does anyone here have recommendations for something similar?

Technical Specifications

Length  27 inches             69 centimeters

Head Size            98 square inches              632 square centimeters

Weight 11.8 ounces        335 grams

Balance Point     12.75 inches

32 centimeters  6pts Head Light

Construction      21 mm Straight Beam

Composition      Graphite Carbon Xtreme

String Pattern    16 Mains / 20 Crosses


Flex Rating (Babolat / DRC)          63

Swing Weight (Babolat / DRC)    333

The old Tecnifibre 320 was 16x20, 98 sq in., close to the same weight but was stiff feeling with the Texalium.

I would say for that same plushy feel, the Volkl Organix 10 MP comes really close. It may not be 16x20, but gets plenty of spin. 

the Weight between babolats is usually    "0.7 oz/or grams" difference from the number they say it is. you have to find the fine print to see the disclaimer on each racquet.

im sure you will be able to find the exact same one that you like eric. even in the newer versions.  but my experience with babolat is they never match.

QC on balance and overall weight is usually pretty low in that regard for either Head or Wilson.

This one isn't exactly new for 2012, been around for a few years actually. Hit with the babolat pure storm tour earlier today. I had all the touch i needed in a very nicely balanced racquet for anything your heart desires on a tennis court. Nice weight and some just beautifully controlled deep shots. Racquet does everything well and while it is meant to be low power, it was not a problem for me to generate pace and heavy balls for bonus. Sweet stick is all I can say. I didn't think Babolat did much with this racquest in a few years other then paint jobs. I didn't play with the 2008 mentioned above but this 2012 was a pleasure and seriously thinking of switching to it.

Pure Storm Tour is a very good racquet. I would just lead it up a little more for more heft. But I can see why Sampras liked them. He, of course, blacked them out and leaded them up and made the Wilson diehards cringe.


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