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A few of my hybrid favorites. Share your favorites...


1. Luxilon Alu Power (mains) / Becker Bomber (cross)

2. Solinco Tour Bite (mains) /  Tecnifibre X-One Biphase (cross)

3. Dunlop Synthetic Gut gold (mains) / Luxilon Alu Rough (cross)

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I dont get five. I have my kfactors from before. I wish I was that popular.
Kirschbaum  Pro-Line II 1.20  all around.    It's the co-poly that I have tried that gives the best blend of spin, feel, power and control.   If you can't feel the ball, then you are doomed to ripping heavy topspin at all times.
Now, that's a great string. I would string it up to 63 lbs and still had feel. I've read that their new string Helix is even better at maintaining tension and providing control. Kirschbaum has a new string called "Pro Line 2 Evolution" :3 for the price of 2 at TW.
NRG2 mains and ALU rough crosses

I see a few people use syngut or multi in the mains, and poly in the crosses.  Why?  What are the benefits?

This is why I did. The mains have the most influence on your shot since they both impart as well take most of the energy and force. I wanted to have more pop and feel so NRG2 on mains. For same reason, copoly on mains when you hit will take more of the force and cut thru the softer string in crosses faster. Read some article about a study which results presumably show this. With rough on crosses I still get nice bite on spin while having overall better power and feel. Also adding longevity so poly doesn't cut into multi too fast.

Interesting.  For me, I use poly for spin and string longevity, and I get the most benefit when it's in the mains.  Right now I use Solinco Tour Bite in the mains, and Gosen Micro in the crosses.  The only time I've seen the poly eat the crosses was when I used a really soft multi, like Gamma LiveWire.  Currently, the TB will break long before the syngut crosses.

I agree, better power, pocketing and feel with the natural gut, multi or syn gut on the mains and ALU on the crosses. It's no wonder Federer, Djoko and Murray use this setup.

It's a mistake to think that poly on the mains lasts longer. I have tried it both ways and found the softer string on the mains last longer, because there is no sawing effect.

full Signum Tornado Pro 1.17... thinnest for best spin ;) 25 kg tension for better control...

Signum Tornado really impressed me how much texture it has along with how much pliability. Very resilient string to the end. Maybe doesn't last very long.

Ytex Quadro Twist (M) + Ytex Microfiber X TPU (C)



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