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What are the Top Ten Reasons to hate..........................

Maria Sharapova

My First and only reason she is a cheater!

Her yell last until after the ball bounces on the opponents side, which I can argue is a form of cheating.

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Well some people do harm to other people in very bad manners, ofcourse you have to dislike them
Yes disliking them should b avoided. Because that's only doing half a job.
 that don't change the out come!
coach Vasquez, i hate to call you out, but you got issues.  This is borderline hate her because she has a shriek similar to 90% of the women on tour?  Come on now coach, seriously?!  Besides, as a player, you have more things to worry about on your side of the court than across the net.  Consider it part of the game.  It is what it is.  It's not going to change.  Do you really think ITF will mandate some bullshit provision to outlaw grunting?  I'm not out to make enemies with this response, but it's annoying that people who WATCH (mind you) Sharapova play, get annoyed by her.  Ridiculous.  The McEnroe brothers seem to share the same passion for anti-shrieking, but John made an ass out of himself millions of times on the court and people found it entertaining.  How about that.  By the way, how many of the players you coach shriek or grunt, or make funny noises?  Or do you pick them out and only coach the "quiet" ones?  Let's not worry about the damn grunting..let's worry about American tennis because it's extremely shaky right now..we're not producing players good enough to play at the very top.  We produce whiners like Donald Young, and flash in the pans like Oudin.  I know Roddick came up along with Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic and I understand that's a tall order, but he sucked compared to them.  Don't worry about the grunting..Sharapova is just doing her thing and she has the stats to back her shit up!
She is not American.  Who knows how long the cheating been going on with her stats.
She had sex with Fred Durst from limp biscup.

Pic or it didn't happen.  ;-)

Forget the Pic, there might be a Video. But I Heard its unwatchable.

Because, every time you watch the Video and right when it gets interesting. She screams at you to break your concentration. :D haha

i teach my players to breath. & exhale. Not scream at their opponents while they r hitting.

I would forgive Maria if her scream was part of her speaking pattern in Real life.  But that will also mean, she would be Tennis's worst or most hated interview.  Can you imagine asking for an autograph.........

Guy: May I have your autograph ( monotone )

Maria: ssssHHHHURRRRRRRRReeeeeeooooooooooooo ( but the Autograph is done by the time the sure ends )

merry Xmas, Coach V. all my luv to u!---Masha S.


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