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Tonight at 10pm Eastern time

CoachV & Derek D will discuss the New Old Man VS the Old Young Man Woody VS Graphite Tennis Match. 

Discussions will include Tennis Games & Strategy, Skills development, Training & Technique.

We will give an over-all Break down of our history together, what happened in the match and give as much as we can. Our combined experience and the generation gap will give perspectives which will be a benefit for all players looking to evolve ( Get better Fast & Simple ) their tennis game.

We will answer any questions posted here! also Check in here to show your interest in our chat session!

First Set CoachV 6-3

Second Set DerekD 6-4

Third Set CoachV 6-4

Special Exhibition match:at 43:30

Tie-Breaker Woody Squash Racquet VS. Graphite Racquet

DerekD 11-9

Please Watch & Like this video. this is the match. also use time to reference

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26:50... ACE. then here comes the negative energy from Derek.... then plays a good point and tighens up for the winner just hitting it out. that pressure of winning is what my game does to players. Breaks Them!

and to put alcohol on a open wound at 27:40 backhand Miss-hit lob winner.

( this happens again to derek when we play the broken wooden squash racquet vs graphite tennis racquet tie breaker for $10....and after reviewing the video i think i won that tie breaker. )

at 27:58 i remind him of his net cord winner in the first set.

at 29:11 is a perfect example of defensive tennis. Derek has me running all over the place. and I am pretty much hitting everything back hard. Derek advances forward but i don't really go for a winner. I am not in position to go for one. but when he comes in he leaves a small opening at his feet which i can hit with my backhand and do.  still its no winner, but that was my first attack to prevent him from scoring = defense. if Derek would have gotten the ball over it would have floated and bounced high, then it would have allowed me to go on the offensive.

at 36:40

three consecutive aces

Thanks! Pretty cool to check out the long awaited match.

OMG!  I've never heard so much yacking during a match in my life.  Yack-yack-yack!   Which reminds me of a joke by Pat Summerall a few years back during a Becker/Edberg match.  The legend is that Becker and Edberg were playing a few practice sets, and, after over an hour of play Edberg hits a great stop volley to which Becker replies "good shot."  Edberg, who was on his way back to the baseline, stops, turns and asks: "do you want to play, or talk?"  Badaboom!

oh you must have missed the first part.

read this first then this thread will make a better viewing.

I'm not sure which part you wanted me to read.  I did see where DerekD rates himself as a 5.0 level player.  No offense to Derek, but, I don't think so.  Around here, 5.0 level players include former D1 college players and former Futures and Challenger level players with ATP points and rankings.  Derek looks like a fine rec level player, but, not at that level.  That's why I'm not a big fan if the NTRP system.  The USTA description of the ratings bear little resemblance to the players actually playing at these levels.

Well, there's that difference between the original written definition by the USTA and then the USTA players changing that definition partly through the practice of sandbagging. College level, former Futures and Challenger level players should've rated themselves 5.5 or above, but for the sake of winning a trophy, they lower their rating.

I am not a fan of the NTRP system either. Using a numerical system from 1-7 is bound to fail. Better use a video or full narrative description of background, technique, etc..

There's also the problem of there being no 5.5 level tournaments or leagues.  I don't know how it is in other parts of the country, but, around here, if you want to play NTRP, 5.0 is as high as it gets.  After that, there's men's open.   But, a 40+ year old who may be a genuine 5.5 level player isn't going to have much success against the mostly under 25 year olds in men's open. 

derek is a 5.0, but old now. I have gotten better im around 5.5(or 6.0 if i train.) im 35. and between 5.0 5.5 & 6.0. at dereks age and being a 5.0 he will have plenty of success against younger players who are not 5.0

but consider this. lets say that derek is a 5.5 or a 6.0 but because of his age he drops a level to a 5.0, he will still beat other 5.0's even if they are younger. but not consistently. he will beat 4.5 younger guys like cake.

mens open varies, you can get a good draw. FL is the Same as NYC. as in PLaying wise. maybe off set by the amount of open players.

Let's put it this way, this year I'm playing on a 40+ 4.5-5.0 team (the new USTA age group format).  Our usual #1 singles player, 41 years old, was formerly 600's ATP.  And there are more at his level.  Just sayin'. 


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