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i hear a lot of coaches say id rather you hit the ball out than into the net is that true or do you guys just say this because id rather hit the ball in rather than the net or out.

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Here's my guess to the logic: 

Either way, too short or too long, you lose the point.

If it just barely goes over the net, this is a short ball your opponent can attack.

But let's say it is just barely IN, that is a great shot!


So, playing the percentages, in the long run it is better hitting deep than short.

Thats actually a good point lol Thanks!!!

You're exactly right. Hit the ball in, as if the other two options loses you the point. That's what all the coaches said in my day, especially on the serve. It was just a way of making sure you "went for it" instead of "holding back". But you're smarter than that. Hit the ball in. Forget the other two. 

Hi Tim,

After 25 years of teaching I still continue to learn new things along the way! In general the answer is yes, based on the stroke production goal and the type of tennis stroke, grip, FH,BH, etc.


The benefit is when your creating top spin your stroke is from a low to high position; brushing up on the tennis ball. By hitting the ball long over the base line or hitting your serve long: from a teaching stand point it fine tunes your tennis stroke motion;muscle memory skills;mind set ( visualizing the ball going over the net before you stroke the ball is re-enforcing your stroke.) PLUS (higher % + stroke margin over the net) vs a Slice BH, FH.


One of the teaching examples I used on the court is:close your eyes, visualize where your target is:then hit the tennis ball from the base line; open your eyes after you complete your stroke and see where your ball lands. ( Try doing this with your serve too) Like fine tuning a car when you have hit 1000's of interesting tennis balls you will be able to hit this stroke in your sleep and when you really need in a pressure game situation; you will have a higher % margin of success even when you hit the ball long sometimes. Also, always refresh and work on your mental game too "Visualize the Ball Going Over the Net and Hitting the Target Area " before you hit the ball and you will be amazed how your game will grow over time with more winners!  


Anyways, I wish you all the best in your tennis game and have more fun. 

Mark Fleming

USPTA, USPTR Certified Tennis Pro/Coach 





by learning to hit the ball out. not even in it teaches you power. learn controll through practice. thats the secret. - CoachV
Right On Coach!


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