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Prodigy From 4 Years Ago. [A Where-Are-They-Now Installment]

In light of the viral video about Gabby Price, our friend Guga points to another tennis prodigy that was crowned 4 years ago: Deiton Baughman.

Here's the promo video on local Fox News affiliate that reminded Guga of the Gabby price vid:
Deiton Baughman Video


Deiton appears to still be playing competitive tennis, but he is not the top dog in 18s. This just shows that the top kids at 9 and 12 years old are not necessarily the top at 18 and much less 24.

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You have to answer some innocuous survey questions to see the whole article.

Ok, sorry I was skimming and didn't see the survey. Yeah, the whole story is pretty sad. Eight junior titles is remarkable. Too bad he got involved with drugs and his mother's suicide must've been extremely damaging to him. The only visual I could find of him. Kinda has that McEnroe look to his hair. 

Eight "National Championship" titles!  Best ever to my knowledge.  BTW, below, I posted a link to that picture just after you posted the picture itself.  I didn't see yours.  If anything, Schoenfield being a few years older, Mac had a Schoenfield look to his hair.  As I mentioned in my post, he already looks a little bit gone in this pic. Not sure if he's imagining his racquet to be a guitar, or a rifle.  If you go to my link below, at the bottom of the page you'll see the same picture and a newspaper clipping (upside down) with a caption that I quoted below describing his game.

I doubt there's any video.  Here's a pic of him from 1980.  Scroll to the bottom.  He would have been about 23.  He looks a little gone already at this point.


PS: At the very bottom is a cut out from what looks like a newspaper picture upside down with the caption: "Howard Schoenfield is soooo effortlessly smooth and implacable that when he fires blazing shots from either side it's as shockingly unexpected as Robert Merrill singing Jailhouse Rock." 

I don't know who Robert Merrill is, but, I'm guessing he's a balladeer. 


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