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I believe the ATP and other governing bodies are investigating as to whether or not this is cheating.  If so, I hope they strip everything from the year.  Definitely an unfair advantage that only came out a couple of weeks ago. 

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Yeah, I wonder if he can dominate like Lendl, Sampras, Borg or Fed. I still think he's not built as sturdy as those guys.
I agree.  Watching during the finals, he still looked like he was having breathing problems.  It will definitely be an interesting next couple of years.  And of course this is always good for tennis.

If Nadal had a strong slice second serve, that could hurt Djokovic's two hander. I know people think that's his better side, but a heavy slice serve would hurt him, especially leaving Nadal a fh dl on ad serving.

Fed has two or three different speed slice backhands which bothers Djoko. If Nadal worked on his slice bh, and hit some short to bring Djoko up, then he's vulnerable again. He's not very good on overheads and so-so on volleys.

I'm not the only one thinking this, but tactics like these would leave him out of breath. lol

I was just discussing with a female student, we were wondering why he didn't have his asthma problems anymore because that is something that doesn't just go away. Players will look to get any advantage and if it's deemed legal oh well.
Just to be clear if it's not illegal, athlete's should be able to use any training aid they wish to.
Well, at this point we don't know if it is legal or not.  Once the investigation is completed then all the cards will be put on the table, and it will be what it is.  But like anything else, once deemed one way or the other, it won't be long before everyone is using it or avoiding it.  Then the advantage will be nullified.
So Rafa rebounded nicely.  Totally spanking Gasquet on the clay of Spain.  Meanwhile Djoko pulled the no-show card, citing back problems.  Serbia's repeat of Davis Cup dominance is in jeopardy.  Troicki lost first thing, and Tipsarevic is in trouble against Delpo.

I don't see how the ATP could make something retroactively illegal if it was never mentioned in the regulations.  I have not read the regs, but I find it hard to believe that they would modify any previous results.  Their ruling would be in effect from that date forward. 


I do think that it is very interesting at how Nole is distancing himself from The Chamber.  In the WSJ article, about 3 people point to him using it with some regularity.  And then later in an interview, he said he only used it a few times and that it was not regular.  Mark T, it sounds like you are trying to put an asterisk on Nole's grand slam, but I just don't think it is going to go that far.

From the WSJ article:

The company claims that spending up to 20 minutes in the pod three times a week can boost athletic performance by improving circulation, boosting oxygen-rich red-blood cells, removing lactic acid and possibly even stimulating mitochondrial biogenesis and stem-cell production.

Djokovic is so convinced that the pod helps his game that during the U.S. Open, which starts Monday, he's staying (for the fourth year) with a wealthy tennis-trainer friend in Alpine, N.J. who keeps one of the machines on his property.

that looks like the time machine in "back to the future"  hahahahahahahaha


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