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Sharapova dumps Connors as a coach after one match? Not nice. lol

Judging from the interview below, she is saying that ol' Jimbo is a distraction for her in the stands! Guess she didn't want to see his analytical expression. lol

“It's great to have his support. I'm enjoying being part of his experience and him, just the understanding of certain situations," she said. "He's been there, done that. It's just nice to have.  But when you're out on the court, if it gets to 5-all or 6-all in the third set, you're worrying about you and your opponent and, to be honest, not so much what's around you or your coach or the crowd. You're so into the match. That's how I always hope to be, is when I go on the court, everything that I did, just have to go out and trust that and not really think about anything else.

It is unclear whether Sharapova will try to hire a coach prior to the U.S. Open, which starts in 10 days, or work with an interim coach. She could ask one of her regular hitting partners, such as former Wimbledon semifinalist Vladimir Voltchkov, to assume that role.

Another option might be to employ a coach from the Good to Great Tennis Academy, which is run by Swedes Magnus Norman  and Mikael Tillstrom, who coaches Sharapova’s boyfriend, Grigor Dimitrov.

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Here's a blog post on LoveSetMatch about this too!

Where is Tonya Harding...we need her to kneecap Sharapova.....because its the ME show with her always........

Sorry Connors I will take your coaching and you can give me all the funny faces you want while i play just let me know when you are in Atlanta.

Right now, maybe Djokovic could hire him to raise his fighting spirits back up!

I really wonder how good of a coach any one of these ex-pros is.  Just because they can play and have the right mindset to win, does not mean that they can transfer that to you.  Once you get to the top level, all that sets you apart is your mind.  Jimmy had the right mind for tennis, no doubt - but I think a lot of that is something you are born with... or without.

It is defiantly learned. Mark you should get this book to help your kids playing tennis.

" The Way they Learn" how to discover and teach to your child's strengths. By Cynthia Ulrich Tobias.

Its an great insight on how to coach anything.

Well, I have to disagree. At the top, what sets you apart nowadays is your technique as much as your mind. The degree of consistent racquet face angle and swingpaths available to a player's arsenal, as well as solid footwork are chararacteristics that set top players apart.

Jimmy could have brought to Maria better advice on footwork without a doubt. He also would insist that she come to the net behind an opportunity set up by her groundies. I think she wasn't used to that enacting that strategy in her match with Stephens, because it was clear Stephens was hitting just as hard as she was and deep. I also think Jimmy could've shown her a more consistent approach to the second serve. He had a rock solid second serve.

If this was entirely true then Dimitrov would have the same record as Fed.  :-P

Dmitrov doesn't have the same serve mechanics, diligence, footwork, timing or eye, nor strategic sense that Fed does.  That's what keeps Baby Fed, Baby Fed. lol

Key Word........Diligence, everything else can be fix, but is a player doesn't have it in him, then its just that.

15 Aug

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